A weekend In Paris | 3 Things That Made Me Fall In Love With Paris on This Trip


A Weekend In Paris. After my third visit, I can now officially say ‘I GET IT’. I love Paris.

So, you might ask what made me change my mind? What made me finally fall in love with Paris? Well, it took a long weekend, prior visits have been short and sweet, never enough time to discover or do enough. This time was different. I’ll tell you 3 things that made me fall in love with Paris on this visit.

Weekend In Paris
The Hotel

Hotel Le Cinq Codet, the most luxury and chic boutique hotel I’ve ever stayed in Paris. Where you stay in Paris matters A LOT! Le Cinq Codet is so well located and easily accessible. Closest metros are École Militaire, La Tour-Maubourg and Invalides. Walking distance to Rue de l’Université which leads to the Eiffel Tower, approximately 15 minutes walk to Pont Alexandre III bridge which is one of the ‘IT’ places to take instagramable pictures. These are just a few pros for a blogger like myself, I’ll come back to the hotel again in a bit… 

Exploring Paris & Site Seeing

Exploring the city by day and by night and discovering new things to do. I got around Paris by Metro and a lot of walking like never before. With the hotel so centrally located, it was great. I personally don’t think you can get to know a city well until you commute by yourself, get lost and then find your way back…am I right?

So, here are bits from my personal ‘handwritten’ journal. I don’t know if anyone else keeps a travel diary. Someday I want to open those pages and be filled with pleasant memories…

– Took the metro from La Tour-Maubourg to Grands Boulevards walks to Galeries Lafayette. Stops for coffee breaks, spoilt for choices with cafes.

– Evening stroll to from hotel to Saint-Germain for dinner. Ended up in a little Italian restaurant. Wished I could tell you exactly where as the food was so good. Had the biggest portion of Tiramisu for dessert.

– The Eiffel from different angles. I’m a tourist, I’m allowed. Shots from the rooftop at Galeries Lafayette and Rue de l’Université.

– Walked from Notre Dame to Le Marais for some for some falafel and back to the hotel along the river.

– Metro to Concord, candy floss by the Ferris wheel. Walked along Rue Saint Honoré to Palais Royal. Lots of vintage stores (must when next in Paris). Stopped at Cafe Kitsune, highly recommend the Yuzu and Honey tea 🙂

Taking Instagramable Pictures

As a blogger, you see picture opportunities everywhere. I might have mentioned this already, but the obvious and most popular on Instagram currently are; the Eiffel fromRue de l’Université (to be honest, every angle of the Eiffel is perfect), Louvre from Café Marly, find yourself a seat at Café de Flore when it’s not so busy for potentially the prettiest picture of ‘Cafe Paris’ ever (if not other Cafes would do too). There are lots of cute spots, roads and places that are picturesque, the french windows and terraces get me all the time. On my next visit, I would love a to have a terrace with a view of the Eiffel.Weekend In Paris

Weekend In Paris. View from the roof terrace at galeries lafayette

Weekend In Paris. View from the roof terrace at galeries lafayette

Things I would love to do on my future trips include SHOPPING. I’ve always dreamed of buying my first Chanel bag in Paris. Definitely fashion exhibitions. Apparently, there is always a worthy fashion exhibition in Paris, I missed out on the Alaïa exhibition in Paris, but that’s because I know there will be one in London from May to October. Art gallery and museums are also something my hubby loves, so perhaps we could do that together.

Le Cinq Codet

Breakfast In Bed. Le Cinq Codet

Breakfast In Bed. Le Cinq Codet

Back to the hotel. When on holiday, either on a city break or beach get-away, for me, where I call ‘home’ needs to have a huge element of comfort that I get in my actual home. It’s not so much about the appearance, it’s the ‘feel’.

With a spacious duplex room with high ceilings and beautiful deco, I was willing to spend my entire time in Paris lazying around in my room. With all facilities in check, spa and gym (to burn off the extra carbs from all the food consumed), it felt like I had everything at my fingertip. I leave you with this short clip.

*This post contains a review, but all opinions are my own

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