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A walk or tour around Malta’s capital city Valletta. I opted for a loose ensemble, I knew it would be hot and sunny.

Wearing: Tank Top – H&M, Maxi Skirt (old) & Bag – Zara, Sandals & Sunglasses – New Look, Bracelet – Next

The main city area in Valletta is fenced in and it has a very nice ancient feel to it, which I love! Soon as you enter through the gates, it’s a long stretch of road and on both sides are monumental sites. I was expecting to see guards with swords and helmets at the top of the buildings 🙂

Purple-Maxi-Skirt Valletta Purple-Maxi Horse-Carriage-in-Valletta Mirrored-Sunglasses Purple-Maxi-Skirt-+-white-tank-top Street-in-Valletta Passage-in-Valletta_Malta

Along the long stretch of road from the gate, you get to the main shopping area with regular stores, boutiques, malls, off roads and passages. After the stores, it’s mostly all residential buildings and then right at the end is more historical sites and structures leading off to other roads.

Of all the places we went to in Malta, Valletta was the only place I noticed that they had Horse & Carriage as one of the a main means of transportation, of course, along side buses and cabs. They also pick up and drop off stop at bus stops. Got to find out now if they have this in some other parts of Malta. Anyway, this adds to the whole ancient feel and it absolutely warmed my heart. I find horses very fascinating, I couldn’t stop starring at them, well armoured and beautiful.

On that note, I leave you with a lovely quote about holiday clothes. The tank top and purple skirt could not but summed up any better than this!Holiday-clothes


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