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Everyone said to me, ‘you must take a trip to Gozo when you are in Malta!’…So, I did! I got on the ferry and off to Gozo it was.
Wearing: T-Shirt – Monica B, Skirt (old) – Matalan, Sandals – Primark Monica B T-Shirt Monica B tshirt Monica B Self Indulgence tshirtMonica B Self Indulgence t-shirt

Gozo is an island of the Maltese archipelago, a little more rural than Malta but with lots of places to see as well.  We spent quite a lot of time in the capital city Victoria touring the Cathedral of Assumption in the citadel.  There isn’t enough time in one day to see all of Gozo or go to all the sites and attractions, so our next destination was Azure Window. I honestly could not stop taking pictures, the view was absolutely beautiful from every angle. No one is allowed around the cliff, the entire area is rocky and a lot of climbing was involved which was so cool and fun but exhausting at the same time!Blue-Window-Gozo Azure-Window-Gozo

Many people go to Azure Window for scuba diving and other water sports but we weren’t able to do any of that, my boyfriend wanted to get back to Malta on time so he could catch the world cup games in the evening. I really wanted to go to another area which translates to Fishermen’s Village in English, apparently, they have the best sea food there, and another where salt is produced. I know I would find that very interesting, but to be honest, I was pretty exhausted. Since we were already running out of time, we decided to leave everything else for another time we visit Malta.

You can read about the rest of my trip to Malta here and here.signature

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  • taylor
    July 12, 2014

    you look great! and i love the posts on malta, too. enjoy your time! xo

  • Amanda
    July 13, 2014

    Beautiful Blog!

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