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There’s A First Time For Everything


It's not often that I get seen wearing my glasses. I get that second glance from people followed by the obvious question 'do you wear glasses'? Now that summer is clearly over and I have no real reason to wear my contacts so I can whip out my sunglasses anymore {still on reserve for blog shoots}, it's about time I embraced my glasses. So, how do I look in this newbie from Vision Direct?. Wearing: Glasses c/o Vision Direct (The frame I'm wearing is called Debbie) Oh, and I remember my first eye test, it was a long process, the only fun part was choosing and trying on frames...and opting for the pair my parents thought looked best on me, which I bet wasn't my first choice. Fast forward to now, I still like to try on frames, I know what suits me. This came in handy when choosing this pair on Vision Direct. Yes, I'm ...