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How To Add An Extra Glow To Everyday Makeup


Hey guys, so I did my first sit-down video on my YouTube channel. Am I a YouTuber yet? Ha! This first one is a beauty post, and I'll tell you the reason behind this. I find it generally tricky doing beauty reviews on my blog. I think demonstration has a stronger resonance with consumers when it comes to beauty products. That's my personal opinion. Yes, you can take very pretty pictures of these products, which I have done in the past, but people really do want to see how to use them. So, if you are the 'everyday girl' who has a busy life, and wants to feel and look stylish - at least 90% of the time (basically ME), my blog is totally for you and this video is also for you as well.. I'm on about my everyday makeup routine, how I basically add that extra oomph to my current everyday look ...