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Wedding Festival | The Cut Out Floral Maxi Dress


Weddings and festivals are two occasions I’m not a ‘pro’ at. I can finger count how many weddings I’ve attended in all the years of my existence, less than 10. And festivals? Just once. So, when I got the invitation to my friend’s ‘WedFest’, I genuinely couldn’t tell you I had an outfit in mind. But dressing up for the wedding is potentially one of the best ever! Lets talk about this ‘Wedding Festival Floral Maxi Dress’.Wedding Festival Floral Maxi Dress

Floral Maxi Dress Topshop

Flower Hair Clip H&M

Gold Bracelet Newbridge Silverware

Earrings (old)  Dorothy Perkins

Sandals (old) Asos

I make it sound fun and straight forward right? But call me the queen of last minute. I had months and months to plan my outfit, but guess what? I didn’t. I’ve never made a habit of planning my looks for any occasion. I pull my work outfits together same morning, and not the night before or weeks before like normal people do.

So, the Thursday before the Saturday of the wedding, I found myself late night shopping at Topshop. I think at this stage, I had left it too late to even do my usual Asos next-day delivery. I had 3 hours to shop and at this stage I was desperate.

After endless fitting room visits, I ended up with a few pieces I do not need (but keeping anyway). THIS dress I never would have thought would fit me. The last time I wore a maxi dress was a year ago.

I remember seeing the dress a few months ago on the mannequin at Topshop, I think the beginning of summer it was. Of course I fell in love but did not give it any thoughts. I was with my mate Lorenzo and I remember  saying to him ‘where in Jupiter am I going to fit my boobs?” That’s usually my first reaction when I see anything with cut-outs or backless and them kinda pieces. But, desperate times call for desperate measures. I decided to sieve through the sale racks which I NEVER do and that’s where I found this dress, the only size left along with lots of other one off pieces. Online sale shopping is my jam, but in store sales is a major turn-off. Too chaotic for me.

..cut the long story short, this dress is potentially my favourite sale purchase this season.

..and, there is something magical about floral maxi dresses. I can’t describe it, but I felt amazing in this dress. Like AMAZING!

To fit in with the festival theme of the wedding, I accessorized with these H&M flower hair clips and gold jewellery. Everything worked perfectly.

If you ever get a festival themed wedding invitation, you can’t go wrong with this kind of look. A nice floral maxi dress, is a winner.

I think I’m also a new festival recruit. I had such a good time despite the weather.


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