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Personal Journal | Start Where You Are


"Start Where You Are"...what does that mean to me and what does it mean to you? This is not going to be an overly psychological, get-into-your-mind kinda post, don't fret... I had to reflect on this for a while when I was approached with this slogan tee and the message around it. "Start Where You Are" #befearless. I finally decided to accept the challenge to share a personal post around my own personal experience. I'll have a chat with you guys about my career which is one thing I've had to start over again, more than once. I feel many people struggle with this. Either with choosing one, starting one or sticking to one. I've had lots of conversations with people who feel like they are in a right rut in their jobs or wants a change or just don't know. And a lot of people ask me, how I transitioned from working ...