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How To Stylishly Layer Necklaces


How to stylishly layer necklaces through different seasons... Layering necklaces is one of the trends that has somehow become a core part of our everyday styling. Pearl necklace ASOS, Initial Birthstone necklace oNecklaceSnake Chain Bracelet with Zirconia oNecklaceEarring Asos My personal preference is gold. During this summer, I introduced pearls to my collection. My favourite combination ever! So, is there a trick to nailing a perfectly layered set or can one simply freestyle? Here are my tips on how to stylishly layer necklaces. Select Different Chain Lengths: Layering is all about the different lengths. Choose chains with different weights and textures etc. I tend to go from choker, to short, then midi and finally long. 2. How many is too many? I'm not one for rules, break the rules if you can. Fashion is an art, some will get it, some won't. But, mind the gap between refined and tacky. Personally, ...

Your Guide to Styling Up an Arm Party


Arm parties can be the perfect way to accessorise, whether you’re going to a special event or you’re simply going out for the day. They can look amazing with just about any outfit, and make great Instagram/Pinterest pictures too! This guide will help you to style up your very own arm party. Image: Pinterest Mix Metals and Colours To put together a great arm party, you can’t be afraid of mixing metals and colours until you come up with a good combination. Some people say you can’t mix silver and gold, for instance, but you can! Gold looks amazing with shades of turquoise, while silver can look awesome with colours like yellow and pink. Experiment until you find something that suits you! Mix Materials and Textures Materials and textures will make your arm party look so much more interesting. Studded bracelets paired with metal bangles and leather bits will look way more interesting than bracelets ...