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3 Lingerie Shopping Tips For Women With Busts Bigger Than DD’s – Let’s Get Intimate


Did I tell you guys what I got up to during London Fashion week this season? Oops, if you aren’t following me on Instagram then you may (or may not) have missed out on that ship. But, I’ll share one of my highlights from this season with you guys.

Before I do, I want to let you guys understand that every fashion week I attend, I try to make my post as personal as possible. Especially on the blog. I share all the instant runway bits on my social media and recap on my personal experience like I did for Milan Fashion Week and Malta Fashion Week here on the blog.

Figleaves x Edeline Lee

Figleaves x Edeline Lee | London fashion Week SS18

So, for London Fashion Week SS18, Figleaves invited me to join them at designer Edeline Lee’s presentation. I was excited, especially at the idea of hanging out backstage and getting to meet the designer. I shared all of this action on their Instagram stories and on mine too. Underneath all the pretty clothes the models at the presentation strutted in, were lingerie from Figleaves.

…Right, let’s talk about What Lies beneath and let’s get intimate with Figleaves. For a couple of years now, I’ve bought most of my lingerie from Figleaves. Buying lingerie especially bras, in general, is tricky for a girl bigger than a DD. When I say tricky, it’s everything from fit to prices, styles and variety of brands. I still wonder when would the fashion industry start catering to the need of busty women… So what’s a small-ish woman with big busts to do? Here’s what I’ve done

  1. Got my size right. Sometimes I go up on down in size depending on the brand or even style. Once you’ve got this right, THAT IS ALL. Bigger bust bras don’t come cheap, so for me, this is very important that everything is right and perfect. Nowadays, you get a lot more support online with fittings.
  2. I found an online store that caters to larger sizes, and offer lots of brands and styles. I buy almost everything online, it was about time I started buying lingerie online too.
  3. For variety, I had to start thinking outside ‘the box’. I mean, the world, wide, web has a lot to offer. A lot more than I possibly can find in stores.
  4. Embraced more risque styles. Though I might have an obsession with black lingerie, I’ve embraced all colours and designs.

Here are some of my favourites from Figleaves


If like me you are blessed with an amazing pair of boobies, let me know your thoughts on this.

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**In collaboration with Figleaves

Malta Fashion Week; Designer Highlight – Eymeric François


My memories from my first Malta Fashion Week is one I know will forever stay with me. Even if I ever stopped blogging. Not like I’m planning on stopping just yet, after 4 years and a bit, I think I’m only just getting started.

I had a similar buzz after my first Milan Fashion Week experience earlier this year in February. I’m not going to go into the comparison but all I’ll say is Fashion Week exists beyond NY (which I am yet to attend), London, Milan & Paree (not ticked this off yet either). I’ve been immersed into a different ‘fashion week’ world and it’s a beautiful one too.

Before you continue with this post, please catch up on the previous Malta fashion week posts so you get a can get me better.

Let’s rewind to my first day, the lone ranger (I swear everyone came as a couple but me) and the new kid on the block (a lot of people who I spoke to weren’t first timers like me). I was told there was a tourist mission to M’dina, quite naturally I said yes. Not knowing anyone else coming on board.

Banke & Eymeric François

So I jumped in the back of the Mercedez-Benz that came to pick us up. Unknowing to me at the time, I was sitting next to Eymeric François, a man with a bubbly personality; chatty, quirky, playful and larger than life. I soon found myself full of giggles by just watching him the entire journey to Medina which was about 30 mins (I think).

Eymeric François – Designer

Eymeric François is a French designer who has many years of experience under his belt. He’s haute couture man – shows in Paris Haute Couture week every July.

After I met him during the day, I went back to my hotel to do some more research and YES, he’s a f**ing big deal. I couldn’t get myself to ask him a lot of questions because I didn’t want to come across as a fashion geek or some serious fashion journalist doing a profile interview.

So, I just listened to his general conversations over the course of time I spent around him. I’ve always pondered how designers felt right before their show. Do they get nervous? Eymeric doesn’t. After many years of experience, I guess you get to shake off the nerves and replace it with a better feeling of excitement.

Eymeric wasn’t only passionate about his collection but also about the models he uses and the team of people he works with.

Eymeric François’s Poison collection was art meets attitude meets sass. The models were fierce as they walking down the runway to rock metal music. Eymeric’s cleverly merged haute couture with ready to wear. Just because he can. Go have a nosey at his collection and let me know what ya think. The black tulle dress which opened the collection is my firm favourite from this collection. I can totally see myself in this piece. I’ll probably make it more London-esque by pairing with a cropped denim jacket.

You can tell he’s not one to confirm or stick to rules – if my judgement isn’t right, I’m sure I’m not too far from. Eymeric François - Poison collection Malta Fashion Week; Designer Highlight - Eymeric François(ph. www.fashionweek.com.mt)

Eymeric François will be showing his new collection in July during Paris Haute Couture week. I won’t be seeing the collection live, but I’m most certainly looking forward to catching up after. He’s genuinely a pleasant guy to hang around and more importantly extremely talented and most passionate about his craft. All of which I find very admirable.Designer Eymeric François & Bankè from A Style Diary

Malta Fashion Week 2017 – Photo Album


Malta Fashion Week 2017 – Photo Album. my first instalment of my Malta Fashion Week experience.

Raise your hand if you knew about Malta Fashion Week – before now. Well, I’ll be honest, I didn’t until earlier this year. Being a part of it for the first time this year is beyond exciting for me and I’m most grateful I can share some of this experience wth you guys on my blog.Mercedes-Benz-Malta-Fashion-Week

If you are following me on my other social platforms, you would have seen most of it first-hand, especially on Instagram stories. As you may know from my previous fashion week post, especially The Juice – Milan Fashion Week AW17, I try to keep ‘the juice’ concise but juicy enough. This time, it’s even juicier. At the end of all my Malta Fashion Week posts, I want you to feel the need to save the date for next year’s Malta Fashion Week in your diaries especially if you are a blogger or journo.

So, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta kicked off on 22 – 27th May, closing with an award show (which I sadly missed out on). I missed out on a couple of days and my official first day was on the 24th

Not knowing what to expect and travelling solo again like a lone ranger as I did Milan, I was hoping for the best. They always say as a blogger you should have your partner in crime that you can frolic around with, yes it helps. But, on the plus side, when left with no choice, you get the greatest opportunity to meet new people. I met some of the best! On the downside, as a blogger, you have no one to take fabulous pictures of you.

Are you bored yet? Please hold tight, let talk FASHUN.

First impressions?

So I had no idea what to expect, you know, outfits, people…nothing. You would think that I would, right? Especially after 5/6 seasons of London Fashion Week. For some reason, I went to Malta as a blank canvas. On first impressions, I’ll say people did not hold back. They got the memo, ‘fashion week‘ and everyone turned up looking super stylish. Lots of bold colours and accessories. If you know me well, you’ll know I have a soft spot for bold hues.

I’ll be highlighting 3 key designers that I fell in love with during Malta Fashion Week in my subsequent posts. But for now, I leave you with some raw, unedited, unfiltered pictures  (mostly taken on my iPhone).

Until the next post…..

Malta Fashion Week - The Photo Album Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 - Photo Album Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017 Malta Fashion Week 2017

The Juice — Milan Fashion Week AW17


It’s been a week since I got back from Milan Fashion Week, I feel like I’m almost fully recovered from exhaustion – you would think I did all 5 days in Milan with back to back shows, but that wasn’t the case. But, I felt royally drained when I got back to London and threw myself straight back to work the next day. Surely, those who do all more than 1 city during Fashion Week are super humans. I mean, some even roll out blog posts during fashion week. HOW?

If I don’t do this post on time, I know the enthusiasm will poof and disappear, the story will be outdated and no one would be bothered to read–am I right–, after all, many people would have caught up on all the instant action via social media.

Why Milan?

A lot of other UK influencers flock to Paris after London Fashion Week and take a chill during MFW, but that wasn’t me this season. I conserved the little energy I had to do one city, and MILAN it was. I’ve done London for many seasons and Paris I couldn’t decide on, read my Paris post to get the gist.

So, why Milan? Apart from the fact that Milan is home to some of the fashion Gods – I’m talking Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana to mention a few, I’ve always been inspired by Milan street style. Like, I came back thinking my entire wardrobe needs a revamp and I need to sort my s**t out with my blogging life! – You know when you get that kick in the backside after being in the same room with some of the fashion heavyweights and other influencers (that moment when Deena Aljuhani Abdulazizand of Vogue Arabiya, one of my ultimate style icons royally walked past me at Stella Jean).

Also, Milan is the place for ‘over the top’ fashion, but done with a lot of class, which resonate with me. Colourful bold prints clashing — insert Etro, Emilio Pucci,Vivetta, Missoni, Fausto Puglisi –, but done so tastefully you can’t help but fall in love.

If you are one for classic sleek silhouettes, make room for Salvatore Ferragamo and Max Mara, add some androgyny from Aquilano.Rimondi, one of the shows I had the opportunity to see during MFW.

Milan Fashion Week AW17

Aquilano.Rimondi Autumn/Winter 17 Milan Fashion Week

What I got Up To

Milan Fashion Week started on Wednesday, so I missed out on a few shows and presentations that I got invited to including Annakiki, Wunderkind, Vivetta, Les Copains, Genny, Anteprima, Tods, Grinko, Christiano Burani, Atsushi Nakashima…–I’ll stop here–. I arrived on Friday and went for a late event, John Richmond.

Saturday was a full day of presentations and shows. Started the day at Jimmy Choo AW17 presentation and ended at Aquilano.Rimondi.

Sunday was a lot chilled out, started at noon with Stella Jean and decided to give everything else a miss to enjoy a bit of Milan before my late flight. First time in Milan, I had to. So I headed to the luxury shopping district, via Montenapoleone walked to Duomo, stopped at Marella and treated myself a little.

A lot of what I got up to was shared on Instagram stories, here’s a cue to go follow me if you aren’t for fresh juice next season @astylediary_ .

What I wore

What to wear for fashion week is a big part of the preparation. I had little or no time to plan or visit showrooms to loan samples — downside to working full time —

BUT, I managed to get my hands on this vintage leather x Fux coat c/o Lennina @ 21st Millesime.

: Paired with

Statement tee and mules – Asos

Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Sunglasses c/o – Sunglasses Shop

Bag – Chloe

Earrings – H&M

Items linked in SHOP

Dress: Pretty Little Thing

Blazer, Earrings, Brooch: H&M

Belt: Gucci

Sunglasses: Celine

Items linked in SHOP

Who I hung out with

Caroline @ CarolineStyling

Siobhan @ Just A Uniform

Where I stayed

Not too far from the city. Closest metro to me was Porta Romana about 20 mins to most show locations.

I thoroughly had the most amazing time in Milan. It’s the first of many trips. I love the food the people and the city. I honestly can’t wait to go back as a tourist.