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Does Anyone Still Read Fashion Blogs?


Hey guys, long time no blog post eh? Who reads fashion blogs anyway? My site was recently hacked, I think that was a sign for me to get my backside back on here, otherwise, silly sites will try to take over. Jokes apart, let's really talk about my hiatus. Apart from me enjoying life and the beautiful summer we've been having in the UK, a lot of changes have happened. Not bad changes - perhaps, I should say growth. Who reads fashion blogs? Firstly, I've been thinking, who reads fashion blogs nowadays. I no longer enjoy reading fashion blogs - what people wore, how they wore it, what they love about it blah blah blah. I could blame this on Instagram, personal preference, taste in clothes, lifestyle... a whole lot of stuff. But deep down, I know I no longer enjoy reading a whole lot of 300 words or more on 'how to wear a polka dot ...