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Malta Fashion Week; Designer Highlight – Eymeric François


My memories from my first Malta Fashion Week is one I know will forever stay with me. Even if I ever stopped blogging. Not like I'm planning on stopping just yet, after 4 years and a bit, I think I'm only just getting started. I had a similar buzz after my first Milan Fashion Week experience earlier this year in February. I'm not going to go into the comparison but all I'll say is Fashion Week exists beyond NY (which I am yet to attend), London, Milan & Paree (not ticked this off yet either). I've been immersed into a different 'fashion week' world and it's a beautiful one too. Before you continue with this post, please catch up on the previous Malta fashion week posts so you get a can get me better. Let's rewind to my first day, the lone ranger (I swear everyone came as a couple but me) and ...