Travel Diary | Paris | The Eiffel

Blach-White Eiffel-towerOne of the things I desperately wanted to do while in Paris was to go up the Eiffel Tower. Of course, it’s the major tourist attraction and my mission would not be accomplished if I didn’t. It was so windy and my hair was all over the place, I had to buy a beanie from a souvenir stall near by.

We got up to the second floor when my boyfriend chickened out. He’s not the one for heights which I already knew, so I had to compromise, it wouldn’t be as fun if I went all the way on my own.

We did a bit of touring around the area, walked along the river and stopped by for yummy macaroons at a cosy cafe called Carette before heading back to the the hotel.

Eiffel-Tower-by-Night Statue-of-Liberty-Paris Macaroons-at-Carette macaroons Carette-Paris Carette-Paris.

Whilst on our way to the Eiffel Tower, we discovered that our hotel wasn’t far from Moulin Rouge, so on our way back, we decided to get off the bus and finish the journey by foot so we could do a bit of more sightseeing.

I was totally exhausted the next morning. Also, we came down the Eiffel Tower by stairs rather than taking the escalator, my legs were achy and wobbly in the morning and for a few days after too…but hey, mission accomplished, Eiffel Tower DONE!