Cottons Caribbean Restaurant and Rhum Shack In Notting Hill

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Cottons Caribbean Restaurant and Rum Shack launched its new flagship restaurant in Notting Hill. With the convenience of the new location, I could finally experience the renowned restaurant at it’s finest.So, off to Cottons it was, with my friend L…[/dropcap]Cottons Caribbean Restaurant the Bar

[blockquote]Cottons pride itself as the only bar stocking the largest collection of rum in the UK, with over 300 varieties available.The restaurant brings the exotic vibes of the Caribbean to Notting Hill in true tiki style. [/blockquote]

Cottons Caribbean Restaurant_Rum Cottons Caribbean Restaurant.Rums

Now we are talking huh? I was shown some of the fanciest and rather impressive rum bottles ever. Since I was in rum heaven, it wouldn’t be right not to give a rum a go, right? I decided to keep it minimal and opted for any spicy number – I was being polite.

I shared a tour of the interior on snapchat {astylediary_1}, I was most taken by the hand painting on the wall opposite the bar, I couldn’t stop going on about it on snapchat. I’ve never been to the Caribbean, but the hand painted floor-to-ceiling wall depicting a vibrant, tropical jungle scene, which gave the merry Caribbean feel that I had always imagined. I’ll let my pictures do the talking…Cottons Caribbean Restaurant.Art Cottons Caribbean Restaurant

Cottons Caribbean Restaurant.Interior Cottons Caribbean Restaurant Interior

On to the crux of the matter, the food. The food was good, it satisfied my soul. The presentation was perfect – I say this because in my opinion, like most Nigerian meals, there is sometimes a lot going on, making everything come together to look A* could be a challenge. I think they nailed it, all our dishes looked ravishing.

Cottons Caribbean Restaurant. Honey & guava glazed Corn fed chicken Chow Cottons Caribbean Restaurant. Pork Belly

Cottons Caribbean Restaurant. Meat Platter Dish Cottons Caribbean Restaurant. Seafood Platter Dish

Off the A La Carte menu, we started off with Barbecue glazed pork belly with rum & molasses, pickled vegetables and Honey & guava glazed Corn fed chicken Chow, infused with spiced rum. Main course – Cottons Signature Fish & Seafood Platter – I kinda thought, Caribbean and sea, can’t go wrong, didn’t go wrong. Scallops, Clams, King Prawns, Squid, Monkfish tails and lobster with plantain.

The Meat Platter. Jerk marinated & grilled Pork ribs, Lamb chop, Chicken pieces and herb crusted salt beef with plantain, accompanied with a side dish. In my belly now!

So, If you are one for spice and all that’s nice, a visit to any Caribbean/African restaurant calls for Fried Plantain, my absolute favourite. Most people are familiar with the Jerks, but I will definitely go back for some dishes I’ve never tried. The Pan roasted guava glazed Duck breast with spring vegetable terrine, yam croquettes & ginger carrot puree sounds mighty good, as well as the Spiced coconut Bouillabaisse with clams, squid, crab and red mullet, annatto potatoes & scotch bonnet rouille…and perhaps everything from the starter menu.Cottons Caribbean Restaurant. Desert

Our meals were washed down with refreshing cocktails, while I’m not one for cocktails, I tried 3 different recommended cocktails 2 of which I liked. Under the Coconut Tree & My Fair Lady.

IMG_2353b Cottons Caribbean Restaurant Food

The overall experience was really excellent, the waitress that served us was full of enthusiasm. After learning we were first timer’s, she guided us through, giving personal recommendations et al, she knew what she was talking about so well. On discussing rums, I told her my preferences, she said to me, “I will surprise you”, and I must say, her choice was perfect. Also, the manager understood the true meaning of hospitality, she engaged in a conversation after our meal, recommended a few other dishes to try off the menu and the expectations from the new location.

The original Cottons opened in Camden over 30 years’ ago and is still thriving, while the Street Food extraordinaire Boxpark Cottons in Shoreditch launched over three years ago. Cottons Notting Hill will be the couture sister to the brand offering a more refined experience, but still keeping the colourful vibe and authentic Caribbean flavours.


**In collaboration with Cottons Caribbean Restaurant. All views are my honest opinion. All images are my own.