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3 Lingerie Shopping Tips For Women With Busts Bigger Than DD’s – Let’s Get Intimate


Did I tell you guys what I got up to during London Fashion week this season? Oops, if you aren’t following me on Instagram then you may (or may not) have missed out on that ship. But, I’ll share one of my highlights from this season with you guys.

Before I do, I want to let you guys understand that every fashion week I attend, I try to make my post as personal as possible. Especially on the blog. I share all the instant runway bits on my social media and recap on my personal experience like I did for Milan Fashion Week and Malta Fashion Week here on the blog.

Figleaves x Edeline Lee

Figleaves x Edeline Lee | London fashion Week SS18

So, for London Fashion Week SS18, Figleaves invited me to join them at designer Edeline Lee’s presentation. I was excited, especially at the idea of hanging out backstage and getting to meet the designer. I shared all of this action on their Instagram stories and on mine too. Underneath all the pretty clothes the models at the presentation strutted in, were lingerie from Figleaves.

…Right, let’s talk about What Lies beneath and let’s get intimate with Figleaves. For a couple of years now, I’ve bought most of my lingerie from Figleaves. Buying lingerie especially bras, in general, is tricky for a girl bigger than a DD. When I say tricky, it’s everything from fit to prices, styles and variety of brands. I still wonder when would the fashion industry start catering to the need of busty women… So what’s a small-ish woman with big busts to do? Here’s what I’ve done

  1. Got my size right. Sometimes I go up on down in size depending on the brand or even style. Once you’ve got this right, THAT IS ALL. Bigger bust bras don’t come cheap, so for me, this is very important that everything is right and perfect. Nowadays, you get a lot more support online with fittings.
  2. I found an online store that caters to larger sizes, and offer lots of brands and styles. I buy almost everything online, it was about time I started buying lingerie online too.
  3. For variety, I had to start thinking outside ‘the box’. I mean, the world, wide, web has a lot to offer. A lot more than I possibly can find in stores.
  4. Embraced more risque styles. Though I might have an obsession with black lingerie, I’ve embraced all colours and designs.

Here are some of my favourites from Figleaves


If like me you are blessed with an amazing pair of boobies, let me know your thoughts on this.

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**In collaboration with Figleaves

There’s A First Time For Everything


It’s not often that I get seen wearing my glasses. I get that second glance from people followed by the obvious question ‘do you wear glasses’?

Now that summer is clearly over and I have no real reason to wear my contacts so I can whip out my sunglasses anymore {still on reserve for blog shoots}, it’s about time I embraced my glasses.

So, how do I look in this newbie from Vision Direct?.

Wearing: Glasses c/o Vision Direct (The frame I’m wearing is called Debbie)

Oh, and I remember my first eye test, it was a long process, the only fun part was choosing and trying on frames…and opting for the pair my parents thought looked best on me, which I bet wasn’t my first choice.

Fast forward to now, I still like to try on frames, I know what suits me. This came in handy when choosing this pair on Vision Direct. Yes, I’m sitting here feeling very modern and pretty smug having shopped online for a pair of glasses.

The process is not complicated or long winded – I promise. If there is anyone who does not like complicated, that me, so trust me. So long as you have your prescription, it’s easy! Like I said, it did help that I had an idea what type of frames suit me, I still used the ‘virtual try on’ before purchasing these. Alternatively, I could have opted for the ‘try on at home’ which VisionDirect also offer. Before I knew it, my new glasses had arrived.

The whole process is really not different from shopping for clothes or anything online – know your size, find what style you like, buy! If you have mastered that, then…

On that note, guys, tell me what my response should be when people go “oh do you wear glasses”?

a. Yes, umm, I’m a super geek whose needed glasses since the age of 10  – ok, I’m not a geek at all, just for dramatics.

b. Yes, and I look damn sexy in these, don’t I?

c. _______ (fill in the blanks)



 *This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Vision Direct.

Building A Functional Wardrobe and Its Benefits


Lots of clothes but still nothing to wear…#firstworldproblems! This is something many of us can relate to, right? Apart from the occasional fall-out I have with my wardrobe {you can read all about it here}, this used to be the other “issue”, but it has now become history. Yes, I’ve found a way around this and it’s called building a functional wardrobe.


Building A Functional Wardrobe

Ok, because I really like you guys, I’m going to share with you how I’ve successfully managed to build a functional wardrobe over the years and of course, it benefits. At least 85% of the clothes I own are in ‘full-time employment’. This is so not the case for my shoes though.

Know Your Lifestyle

I think this is key to building a functional wardrobe. Tailor your everyday wardrobe around your activities. What do you do every day and what’s most practical for every day wear? Buy more of those and less of the things you many not wear – with a side focus on being stylish of course.


Make a list (written or mental) and tick off the essentials first. Invest in key wardrobe essentials for every season.

gldn-blue-jumper Building A Functional Wardrobe

Know Yourself and Your body

What is good for the goose is NOT always good for the gander. Because it looks good on someone else does not equate to “it will look good on me”. This is one of my key fashion mantras. I remember buying halter tops back in the day, hoping that one day I would “grow” into them – growing into them, meaning my boobs might shrink one day and I would be able to slip on a halter top without my industrial bra straps showing through. I can tell you now, that never happened. There always a way around, but it’s too much effort, and I’m all about the effortless, everyday business.

Benefits of A Functional Wardrobe

With time, I’ve been able to build a wardrobe that I can go to with my eyes shut…The benefits are not limited to but for me, includes the bits below.

  • Even though I pick out my outfits in the morning, my preparation time in the morning is very minimal.
  • I hardly have to think about everyday clothes, one thing less to worry about. Thinking of what to wear, when and where could be very stressful and I’m sure many of you can relate.
  • I have managed to train my ‘shopping mind’, I can visualize what clothes would look like on me without having to try them on.
  • I can buy one off pieces knowing I already have something I can wear it with in my wardrobe
  • Ultimately, you would be surprised by how much you can save by doing this.

This post was inspired by GLDN a new fashion brand which focuses on real women and real life. The woman who wants and has it all and moves at a fast pace. A collection of simple capsule wardrobe pieces for women with no time trawl through piles and stacks of clothes for what to wear on a daily basis. We all have pieces in our wardrobes that we don’t wear, or have fallen out of love with right? This is why I relate to GLDN’s ethos and what they stand for. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen me share the exciting news of being a brand ambassador for this season so keep an eye out on some exciting bits I’ll be sharing over the next few month and go take a peek at the new collection.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen me share the exciting news of being a brand ambassador for this season, so keep an eye out on some exciting bits I’ll be sharing over the next few month and go take a peek at the new collection.

Jumper c/o – GLDN

Trousers (old) – Zara

Bag – Chloe

Sunglasses – Chanel

Cuffs & Earrings – H&M

Boots – Paper Doll


My Sukhi Rug


I recently got a new home accessory added to my living room, thanks to SukhiRugs. It’s a small woollen yarn rug which adds some character and cosiness to the room. What better time for this, especially as we embrace the colder months?

Decorating, in general, has been a bit slow, mainly because I’m being selective as I don’t want end up with  clutter or things that don’t fit into the scheme or don’t need. As seen in my introductory home post, the colour scheme in my living room is green (/lime/yellow) and grey, so this rug fits in just right.

My living room is still work in progress. I am contemplating if to get a centre coffee table or not. But, it might make the room feel a little bit smaller. The whole idea was to place the rug in the middle of the room with a coffee table, but for now…sukhi-rug-reyanshRug c/o: Sukhi Rugs (Reyansh)

So, why am I really excited to have this little new addition to my home? Well, Sukhi means “happy” in Nepali. My home makes me happy and I believe in the laws of attraction, projecting positive energy et al. Each rug from Sukhi is a beautiful piece, handmade by artisans in Nepal, Turkey, India, and Morocco.
This means that each rug is unique and authentic. Sukhi rugs also have an interesting social mission, yet another reason to fall in love with the brand. You can read about the latest mission to India here, and the impact the rugs have on the artisans.



sukhi-rug_reyanshPot & Plants: Ikea

Statue: TK Maxx