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Embracing My Curves


You ever tried something on and instantly felt sassy and fierce? Well, that was me when I tried on this Dariia Monde bodysuit.

I don’t want to jump on the body image wagon because it’s popular, but when I say almost every woman has one or two things they don’t like about themselves I think I’ll be speaking about the majority of women.

I’ll tell you mine…

I have a love/hate relationship with my bosoms. They are overly sexualized and the society’s made me feel rather uncomfortable with mine. Especially growing up.

Let’s talk about a snippet of the struggles. Finding cool clothes that fit. Dresses either get stuck at neck level or belly level. FFS! Why did I even bother trying the dress on?

Fast forward to the thirty something years old me. I have to let go of these hangups I have about myself and my body.

I’ll tell you how I’m gradually overcoming this…

  1. I vocally tell myself that I have a smashing bod. The power of affirmation goes a long way.
  2. I take it as a compliment when people tell me I have a nice body. Yes, either from men or women. I used to find this offensive. Why? I don’t know….
  3. Embracing flattering clothes. I had a phase where I could not wear anything that’s totally body hugging. Obviously, this will always be a struggle, but if I find that item that fits, it’s a winner! Guess what? THIS TOP FITS!

Let’s talk about this bodysuit…

Discover: Darria Monde
“Dariia Monde is a brand that was created for the fashionistas who love lightness with finesse and exquisiteness, yet they still appreciate simplicity.”

I had the magic mirror moment when I tried on their Adeline Bodysuit. I’m taking full advantage and embracing my curves in it. Who would have thought a hooded body suit could make you feel feminine? It has a good structure to it and feels luxe. The brand embraces the modern lifestyle. Where athleisure meets chic.

Go have a nosey and tell me what you think…

Embracing My Curves Embracing Curves

*This post contains free products. Opinions are my own.