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Personal Journal | Best of Both Worlds


A personal journal. So, this is real life... I decided to share a part of my career journey on my blog. I was a bit uncertain if to write this or not, but I hope it inspires someone and encourages you to work hard towards your personal goals. Whatever your personal goals may be. (It's a bit lengthy, on so fasten your seat belt!) I'm nowhere near where I want to be, but one step closer. Every step counts... A little over 3 years ago, if anyone had told me I would ever go back to wanting to become an accountant, I would have laughed in their face. Like really? No part of me likes studying. I don't think I ever studied throughout my university or school days. I listened in class, attendance was 100%, took notes and skimmed through the textbook before exams. Memorised what I could and paid a little more attention to ...

How I Do It


Following the questions I had from my Blogging and Working Full-Time post, I've decided to share some light on How I do It. I'm not going to lie and say, it's so easy, but it's do-able - and yes, it's possible to be successful at doing both - working, studying or any other life choices combined with being a blogger. Time Management I think this is one thing everyone struggles with. Having a routine or structure works for me. In saying this, I hate anything that's too restrictive, so, I'm flexible when planning and my self-imposed restrictions feel nothing like being in a military camp. I know the things I can't accommodate or afford to do, so I've had to compromise on them. The moment more time is spent on things that are not of high importance, the less time I can spend on the important things - priorities. Prioritize For my blog to thrive, ...

Blogging And Working Full Time


I’ve had many people ask why I haven’t taken the leap of faith, packed up the 9 to 5 and go 24 hours on blogging. Yes, 24 hours because that’s the reality of being a full-time blogger, there aren't really any days off. Blogging full time is the ultimate goal for most bloggers nowadays, as fancy as it looks and sounds, why haven't I gone blogging full time then? Firstly, why should this be in question, since when did blogging full-time become a measure of how successful you are as a blogger/individual, why should this be every blogger's goal? Not blogging for a living doesn't make you less of a legit blogger, e.g. because you are studying part-time doesn't mean you aren't a student or better still, as hardworking as a full-time student.  I'm not a full-time blogger so I can't give tips on how to become one, but being content ...