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Summer Ready Feet & The Bow/Knot Sandals


Summer here in the UK keeps creeping in and out, but it's safe to say another sandal season is upon us. Though you might see rain in the forecast, on the day, it could be sunshine and in abundance too. The perfect weather to pull out those pretty sandals you bought since February. The only thing that may hold you back is if your feet aren't summer ready. How disappointing right? That might be the only opportunity you get to wear those pretty sandals all year long. You've been eager to get them out and you can't wear them because your feet haven't seen a good tlc all winter long. Talking about pretty summer sandals, I am all about the cute bow/knot trend this season. So, between the crystal embellished shoe trend and the bows, I really can't tell which I love more. I had to tap in on one of the good stuff, opting ...