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Beauty: What’s New In My Makeup Bag For Spring


Spring is the beginning of a new season, and a good Spring cleaning is always a good idea. I haven’t done a beauty update in a long while, so, let’s talk new Spring makeup.

As it happens, this is the first Spring I’ve actually visited my makeup bag and pushed the refresh button. I generally tend to replace things when they run out and re-use the same products. This season, I decided to try a few new brands and products- some intentionally and others coincidentally.

Press play to see what’s new in my makeup bag this Spring.


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Summer Ready Feet & The Bow/Knot Sandals


Summer here in the UK keeps creeping in and out, but it’s safe to say another sandal season is upon us. Though you might see rain in the forecast, on the day, it could be sunshine and in abundance too. The perfect weather to pull out those pretty sandals you bought since February. The only thing that may hold you back is if your feet aren’t summer ready. How disappointing right? That might be the only opportunity you get to wear those pretty sandals all year long. You’ve been eager to get them out and you can’t wear them because your feet haven’t seen a good tlc all winter long.

Talking about pretty summer sandals, I am all about the cute bow/knot trend this season. So, between the crystal embellished shoe trend and the bows, I really can’t tell which I love more. I had to tap in on one of the good stuff, opting for the bow sandals with these flat slider mule sandal from Moda In Pelle. They also come in other colours including baby pink (eeekkkkkk! tempted much).

Summer Ready Feet & The Bow/Knot SandalsModa In Pelle Bow Leather Sandals

Summer Ready Feet & The Bow Sandals

A pair of No.21 slides are high up on my wishlist, only if I didn’t have a wedding to pay for later this year. Here are some options for the bow obsessed lot, or if you just want to get with the movement, splurge or stay on the budget…

…so, how do you get your feet summer ready for those pretty bow sandals this season? Here are my  user-friendly and not overly complicated tips

Let’s be realistic, not everyone can be 100% all year round. Am I right? In between juggling real life and the life we really want, we all tend to neglect certain things. Sometimes when my nail polish starts to chip, it could take me a week to sort out. But, maintenance is key and here are my tips…

  1. Learn how to DIY your nail polish and squeeze in a session every month
  2. Choose nail colours that complement your skin tone. I’ve found mine. I tend to opt for deep or dark reds like this Little Ondine in Red red Wine, which I’m currently wearing.
  3. Opt for a proper pedi during winter. At least, one session. I would normally get mine done in December. Right before the party season. After a good pedicure, all you need is low maintenance.
  4. Maintain your pedicure with a ‘feet grater’. File away dead skin as often as you can. The quicker you get rid of dead skin, the less build up you get. They are so easy to use and I swear by the cheap and cheerful one I got from Boots a while ago. Finally…
  5. Get a good pedicure right before summer. April/May is always a good time. So maybe set a date in your diary if you haven’t done so already… (Luckily, I recently discovered Shumaila’s Beauty with a number of beauty salons dotted around me)
    The golden rule I live by is to keep those feet moisturised!
    In collaboration with Moda In Pelle

How To Add An Extra Glow To Everyday Makeup


Hey guys, so I did my first sit-down video on my YouTube channel. Am I a YouTuber yet? Ha!

This first one is a beauty post, and I’ll tell you the reason behind this. I find it generally tricky doing beauty reviews on my blog. I think demonstration has a stronger resonance with consumers when it comes to beauty products. That’s my personal opinion. Yes, you can take very pretty pictures of these products, which I have done in the past, but people really do want to see how to use them.

So, if you are the ‘everyday girl’ who has a busy life, and wants to feel and look stylish – at least 90% of the time (basically ME), my blog is totally for you and this video is also for you as well.
. I’m on about my everyday makeup routine, how I basically add that extra oomph to my current everyday look for work. You know, taking the average everyday look a couple of notches up.

The entire routine takes 10 minutes of my preparation time in the morning. This video focuses on my current 3 favourite beauty products, along with the usual base to achieve the extra glow.

1. The Iconic London Illuminator in Original
2. The Iconic London Pigment Foundation Stick in Cocoa
3. The Bourjois Rouge Laque in Purpledelique

I hope you enjoy!

Pamper Season With FaceTox Organic Facemask


Autumn is the best time to bundle up at home with some candles and pamper yourself a little bit extra. I’ll say it’s also the best time to pay a little more attention to your skin, in preparation for the colder months. Wouldn’t you agree? I’m currently on study leave which means I get to spend a lot of my time at home. After a long session of studying, I need to relax, chill and make myself feel human again and my little self-pamper sessions are so good. facetox

I’m sitting here, ‘mud masked’ with a tingling face while writing this post. My second time using Facetox organic facemask. Many of you on Instagram may be familiar with Facetox. The facemask is quite popular and the results I’ve seen so far are rather promising. facetox-mix
Facemask -facetoxHopefully, any signs of stress and bad dieting from studying won’t make an appearance. The facemask extracts, pulls and detoxifies the skin, which is perfect for me. Who needs a tired face this party season?
facetox-blendThe face mask comes in 2 sachets, the clay blend and rosewater. Very easy to mix and apply. I’m all kitted up for a few more sessions, pre and post party season.

facetox-rose-water Facemask


*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Facetox.