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Beauty Favourites | August


Last month, I shared some of my beauty favourites with Just My Look and you guys really liked it. I got lots of feedback on the metallic purple lipstick from LA Girl that I shared in the post. That lipstick is still a firm favourite, but I've got a few new additions in my makeup bag. Wearing: Leighton Denny - In the Nude Lip Dual Lipstick 1. Roxanne Campbell Nail Lacquer - Off to Jamaica I've been playing with nail colours this summer - contrary to the plan of sticking to white all summer...well, since I've gone down that route, I said YES to a new brand - Roxanne Campbell. Corals and orange tones are quite nice on dark skin tone and this shade proves my point. You can see me wearing the nail varnish on Instagram. 2. Leighton Denny - In the Nude Lip Dual Lipstick This lipstick is perfect for everyday wear and it's my ...

Discover: A Fragrance to Love


I come to you with a product I'm absolutely excited about. Those who know me know I'm totally into luxury perfumes/fragrances and I have a nose for pretty good ones too. On that note, let me introduce you to this beautiful number from the Aura-Soma Pegasus fragrances. Pegasus No 39 c/o - Aura-Soma Aura-Soma Pegasus fragrances demonstrate the visual and non-visual energies of colour, created using only natural and organic essential oils extracted from plants and flowers evoking a beautiful aroma and the potential to enlighten the wearer's mood. We all know modern perfumery have deviated from using natural materials which make the Pegasus fragrances very unique. I discovered the brand at an event and I knew it was up my street. I was able to try all the eight fragrances in the collection and my favourite is No 39 - Liquid Elixir. The colourful bottles have references to individual well-being. The No 39 should evoke memories of joy and indulgence ...