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My Fashion Kryptonite


I have a trigger that turns on my ‘quirky style’ button. Apart from my obsession with white tees, high-waisted jeans and recently discovered love for pastel pink, ruffles and bows are my fashion kryptonite. I’ve written about ruffles a number of times on the blog, but not bows. Bows and ruffles ignite a very childlike excitement…I know right?! These trousers were love at first sight. To be honest, I know they are not for everyone, but girrrll, a girl’s gotta buy what makes her happy and these make me happy. I happen to like this trouser more that I do some people. Ooops, did I just say that?

A little ‘spring-like’ huh? Thou shall not be deceived, what you don’t see here is the winter coat and blanket scarf I was wrapped up in to keep the darn cold out! As much as I like winter fashion, there is a tiny bit of me already yearning for spring.

My Fashion KryptoniteWearing: Top – H&M, Trousers – ASOS, Boots, Zara, Blazer – Missguided, Belt – Gucci, Sunglasses – Celine

OMG! That’s So Last Year. 5 Things You Should Embrace This Year


So long to ‘try too hard’ Instagram captions and false reality, that’s so last year. *Already looking away with disinterested*. Blogging and social media does take its toll but I’m so grateful I can balance all that with having another full-time job and having something I call ‘real life’. It could be difficult if all you are fed with day and night are all kinds of social media blehhhhh. So, here are 5 things to embrace this year for good energy and positivity. Obviously not limited to.

  1. Focus on getting that £££… This never gets old.
  2. Focus on being a better version of you. Be your own measure of success, aim to achieve 20 times more than you did last year and the previous one. It’s all about you.
  3. Love. Just love and keep on loving. Love everything. Love your friends, love people you don’t know – ok but don’t try too hard doing this, trying too hard is never a good look.
  4. Self-confidence. I’m not some kind of guru or ‘know all’ but from experience, being assertive and confident about yourself goes a damn log way. I counter my insecurities or weaknesses with my strengths and this, honestly is KEY.
  5. Take more risks. The higher the risk the greater the reward in the long run. THIS is the main thing I would be embracing this year.

Kenzo TshirtIn another story, since my breakfast with Farfetch, the luxury online boutique has been on my shopping radar. Bank account *cough cough* sorry!

I honestly can’t describe to you how a simple tee could make one feel so dressed up.
Casual pieces such as statement t-shirts are good if you want to splurge a little to compensate yourself for a little hard work. I’m a big fan of OTK boots and oversized cardigans are slowly becoming my go-to this winter.
Oversized Cardigan and Gucci Belt Over The Knee Lace Up Boots Celine Shadow Sunglasses, Grey Fedora Pink Kenzo t-shirt 5 Things To Embrace This YearWearing:

Tshirt – Kenzo via Farfetch

Cardigan – Daisy Street via ASOS

Over The Knee Boots – Truffle via ASOS

Hat – H&M

A Few Things I Didn’t Share in ’16


Peace out 2016. Here’s my last post for the year, just wanted to get a few things I didn’t share in ’16 off my chest.

As you know, we bloggers like to share, either a little or a lot. We get that urge or feel the need to share every life event with anyone who is willing to listen. Instagram check, Snapchat check, YouTube and of course the next social platform we don’t even know of yet. I sometimes go back to my old tweets and wonder ‘what the heck was on about?’ why o why did I decide to share such an irrelevant information with anyone….?!

Four years of blogging and I haven’t quite mastered the art of sharing, you know, like a proper blogger. If I was to rate myself in the blogging world of sharing, I’ll be a 4/10.
I move on quickly from the things that are sometimes share-worthy or maybe there’s just not much to share…Why would anyone want to know I turned 30 this year or what I did for my 30th? Whilst many bloggers share their “new-in” on the same day they got them, I share mine like a month after. I’m so leaving this attitude in 2016. A better and improved me in ’17.

Ok, so a few things that I should have genuinely shared fell off the radar, like details from Fashion Week SS17, my collaboration with Jaeger and more recently Dorothy Perkins (these were more focused on Instagram though)…not forgetting the very fab blogger event with Farfetch back in July. If you are following me on Instagram, you would have seen the super gorgeous MSGM ruffle sleeved sweater I got from Farfetch. I hardly buy branded clothes, so it’s pretty special to me. I honestly can’t go into details of every blogging highlight from 2016, there’s a lot to say, but not meant for typing. Again, if you are flowing me on my social media platforms, you would have seen them as and when.

I’m tempted to go in details from Fashion Week SS17. It unplanned, I was unprepared, but potentially the most eventful till date. I’ll spare you guys all the details in this post. I did lots of instant sharing across my social platforms, from Instagram stories to tweets. This was my fifth season attending LFW, amongst the shows I was able to see, I was a virgin to 2 main shows, Jasper Conran and Julien MacDonald, and so chuffed to have had seated tickets to the both of them.

Here’s my main and favourite look for LFW SS17. I recycled this red tux I bought back in ’14 for my work Xmas party. Hadn’t worn it since then, so why not eh?

2016Wearing: Tuxedo & Sandals – ASOS, Earrings – H&M, Fascinator – Lindex

red-tuxedo-trousersI also mentioned the fab collaboration with Jaeger on the launch of their new store on Marylebone Highstreet. The pictures from the shoot are too good not to share on the blog. One of my favourite shoots this year. Shot by Moeeztali.


Moving on to more personal bits from 2016,

I spent the last quarter of 2016 studying for my professional accounting exam. Things slowed down a lot on all blogging activities because of this. I’m still struggling to get my blogging mojo back. I ticked off most of my pre 30 goals including buying my first property, having a career I’m comfortable in and super proud of, buying my first car, and most importantly, being in a happy relationship. My side hustle didn’t perform too badly either. I decided to monetize the blog this year and I’ve had some really great opportunities. Made me realise the potentials and worth of my little blog. I’m thankful to God.

I’m a new year enthusiast. It symbolises a new chapter. The perfect time to set new goals and so much more.

For my own sanity, high on top of my ‘must do’ list in 2017 is to travel more. I’m open to every option, from press trips or personal breaks. The past couple of years has been more about working hard and trying to achieve set goals. Now I’m all about letting my hair down a lot more.

I think this is the most I’ve written all year! A very spontaneous post as well. I hope you guys have enjoyed it. Go find me on Instagram and Twitter for regular updates. I’ll be back on the blog in 2017 with hopefully more exciting stuff!

Love love love!

Finally Welcoming Spring


How do you welcome Spring and warmer temperatures? We look forward to Spring after long winter months and finally when it’s here how do we welcome it back? Here, I’ll share one thing I like to do in the Spring as well as how I transition and embrace the warmer temperatures with my wardrobe.Paint Splatter Shirt from ASOSNot too hot and not too cold, just the perfect temperature to sit outdoors and sip on a hot cup of {insert what ever you like}, in my case, coffee – whilst catching up with friends, people watching and soaking up the warm rays of sunlight as the cold air gradually embraces the warmth of Spring. Paint Splatter Oversized Shirt from Asos Coffee outdoors for Spring Outdoor coffee-ing in Spring Deatils_Coach Watch_ASOS ShirtOpting for a rather relaxed off dutee look with an oversized shirt, you all know how I’m ‘abso onnit’ with everything oversized. I think oversized clothes gives off such cool vibes regardless of the season. This oversized paint splatter shirt from Asos has been dying to come out to play since I bought it a few of months ago…shirt unbuttoned half way, layered with a white tank top, paired with cropped jeans and trainers…now, here’s a look I think almost anyone could get away with!

…So while the weather is still transitioning, a coat/trench is always a good idea…

Oversized Pink Coat and stan smith trainers Oversized Coat in Pink from ASOS Oversized Boyfriend Shirt and Cropped Jeans Relaxed Cropped Jeans and Oversized Shirt Adidas Stansmith Trainer with Red detailsWearing:

Shirt – Asos {now on sale}

Jeans (old) – Zara {similar here or here}

Trainers – Adidas Stan Smith

Watch – Coach {now on sale}