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3 Key Accessories To Enhance Your Summer Look


I need not preach about how essential accessories are or the importance. It's all about the fine details like they say. So, which accessories have I been wearing to jazz up my summer looks? And what tips do I have for you lovely lot? The Scarf This skinny silk number from Dior has been rocking my world lately. Here, I have it tied around my hair, but I've had it around my bag straps, wrist, neck or used as a headband. Wearing: The Dior Mitzah Scarf Can we all agree that a scarf the 'Queen' in the world of accessories? We transition from chunky knits in the winter to light-weight scarves in the summer. They are so versatile. Silk scarves are my favourite in the summer, and of course, the more colourful the better. A slightly bigger scarf can be used as a belt as seen here on my Instagram. What do you think? What's ...

Wardrobe Updates to Make for Autumn 2016


With autumn right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your wardrobe ready for the new season. And while some trends are set to stick around well after summer’s last sunny day (we’re looking at you, off-the-shoulder necklines), there are others that will need to be tweaked — or, in some cases, replaced — once the mercury begins its descent. Easily update your closet to fit the fresh fall season with these chic swaps that are both functional and stylish. Add Layers to the Slip Dress The slip dress — available in a variety of lengths, materials, and colours — is, as Who What Wear puts it, the one dress you should buy in 2016. And while the slip dress worn solo was perfect for summer, to make the lingerie-inspired style more appropriate for autumn, simply add layers. Wear over a thin knit turtleneck or wear as an under-layer with ...

Wearing Heels


I get questioned a lot on how I survive all day in a massive pair of heels. I also hear a lot of these " I can't survive in heels", "heels are so uncomfortable", "my feet start to hurt after 2 secs"...etc. I'm a self professed serial heel wearer, wearing heels has become a part of me over the years. There is a debate on why women choose to wear heels regardless of the pain they cause, but there is no one true reason or answer, it varies with every one. I am able to survive a maximum of 12 hours in a pair of high heels. Yes, I do expire, sometimes earlier, could be within 4 hours, after then I need to kick my shoes the F off!. I buy shoes to wear them and not tuck them away for rainy days or special occasions, so, over the years, I've learnt ...