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3 Key Accessories To Enhance Your Summer Look


I need not preach about how essential accessories are or the importance. It’s all about the fine details like they say. So, which accessories have I been wearing to jazz up my summer looks? And what tips do I have for you lovely lot?

  1. The Scarf

This skinny silk number from Dior has been rocking my world lately. Here, I have it tied around my hair, but I’ve had it around my bag straps, wrist, neck or used as a headband.

Wearing: The Dior Mitzah Scarf

Can we all agree that a scarf the ‘Queen’ in the world of accessories? We transition from chunky knits in the winter to light-weight scarves in the summer. They are so versatile. Silk scarves are my favourite in the summer, and of course, the more colourful the better.

A slightly bigger scarf can be used as a belt as seen here on my Instagram.

What do you think? What’s your favourite way to wear scarves in the summer?

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2. The Earrings

I am all about statements, shapes and forms. I got this pair from Topshop last month and I haven’t taken them off. On a dress down day, they actually make me look and feel dressed up. Like I’ve made a bit of an effort.Pictured: Earrings – Topshop; Perfume Gris Montaigne – Dior

It took a while to find brands that do anything similar. But I’ve shared some links below to equally fabulous pieces that are either similar or are on my wishlist right now.

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3. The Sunglasses

I always keep at least a pair of sunglasses in my bag all the time, and these pair of Celiné shadow is one of them. I bought them last year and they are still my current go-to pair.

Wearing: Sunglasses Celine, Shadow

I can leave this space blank for you to complete the reasons why the sunglasses are great ‘look enhancers’….I’m sure you’ll all come up with at least 5 answers. Am I right?

Talking about the Celine shadow, I’m yet to see anyone they don’t look great on. I’ve lined them along with some classic pairs that are investment worthy below.

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 I am a big time sucker for accessories, but this summer, I can’t get enough of these 3.

Wardrobe Updates to Make for Autumn 2016


With autumn right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your wardrobe ready for the new season. And while some trends are set to stick around well after summer’s last sunny day (we’re looking at you, off-the-shoulder necklines), there are others that will need to be tweaked — or, in some cases, replaced — once the mercury begins its descent. Easily update your closet to fit the fresh fall season with these chic swaps that are both functional and stylish.

Add Layers to the Slip Dress

The slip dress — available in a variety of lengths, materials, and colours — is, as Who What Wear puts it, the one dress you should buy in 2016. And while the slip dress worn solo was perfect for summer, to make the lingerie-inspired style more appropriate for autumn, simply add layers. Wear over a thin knit turtleneck or wear as an under-layer with a statement jacket. If the slip dress already hanging in your wardrobe happens to be knee length or shorter, finish with a pair of over-the-knee boots to add extra coverage (and warmth) to the trend. For slips that feature a midi length, a pair of flat mules, ankle booties, or chunky heels will add a chic finishing touch.

Swap Your Romper for a Jumpsuit

The short and sweet romper is an undeniable must-have for warm, sunny days. Comfortable, versatile, and ideal for a variety of summer activities (from a day spent at the shore to an afternoon lounging around the house), the one-piece ensemble is hard to beat. Thankfully, fall has the perfect romper replacement that’s just as easy to wear – and arguably more chic.

While the romper is just right for the laidback vibe of the summer season, the jumpsuit instantly elevates your look, making it an essential piece for all of autumn’s festivities. In fact, as Lyst notes, the jumpsuit has even outdone the dress as the go-to option for an effortless evening look. To build an ensemble that is both of-the-moment and season-appropriate, opt for a style in a rich hue or bold print.

These eye-catching design details, such as deep jewel tones and embellishments, add interest to the sleek silhouette of the jumpsuit. Finish with a statement necklace, chunky heel, and cropped jacket or fitted blazer for a look that’s equal parts polished and glam.

Trade in Cut-Offs for Reconstructed Denim

It’s no secret that denim cut-offs are a girl’s best friend during the summer season, making it hard to part with the staple once the cool breezes of autumn set in. Thankfully, fall fashion has answered our style prayers with a jean that’s just as laidback and easy-to-wear as our favourite pair of denim shorts. As Glamour writes, designers are reinventing denim by cutting and sewing different pairs of jeans together to create a unique, artsy vibe that’s just as wonderfully raw and unfinished as the beloved cut-offs. Wear them with chunky ankle boots and a cropped leather jacket for an edgy ensemble that’ll make the transition between summer and fall a little more bearable.


Wearing Heels


I get questioned a lot on how I survive all day in a massive pair of heels. I also hear a lot of these ” I can’t survive in heels”, “heels are so uncomfortable”, “my feet start to hurt after 2 secs”…etc. I’m a self professed serial heel wearer, wearing heels has become a part of me over the years. There is a debate on why women choose to wear heels regardless of the pain they cause, but there is no one true reason or answer, it varies with every one. I am able to survive a maximum of 12 hours in a pair of high heels. Yes, I do expire, sometimes earlier, could be within 4 hours, after then I need to kick my shoes the F off!.

I buy shoes to wear them and not tuck them away for rainy days or special occasions, so, over the years, I’ve learnt to understand how wearing heels work and how not to get caught bare footed on the street after a night out. It’s ok if wearing heels is not your thing but if need be, here are a few tips from me that could help.

1. Know Your Heels

I find platform shoes are easier to wear for a longer period of time, less pressure on the balls of the feet. Even if they are slightly raised, it makes a lot of difference especially if I’m going to be standing or walking around for a long period of time. Example below, two very similar sandals that I really like, but I’ll choose A over B simply because the balls of my feet would not be majorly affected if I have to walk on rough surfaces. So know what you are comfortable in, pointy heels, round front, sandals, stilettos, chunky heels, wedges etc, you can instantly tell by tying them on in the store.


2. Know your activities

One of my worst experiences in heels was going shopping in a pair of not very moderate heels. Shopping is exhausting even in flat shoes. I would not recommend going shopping in heels no matter how pro you are in them, especially if you would be walking around for longer than 4 hours. So, know your activities before you decide on the height of heels to wear. Know how long you would be standing & walking in them. It’s always a good idea to take a pair of flat shoes with you if you know you have to walk around in heels for a long period of time while. I own a pair of ballerinas solely for this purpose.

3. Do not be afraid of heights

So, many people have had one or two bad experiences with heels. I’ve twisted my ankles one too many times, my ankles actually no longer feel the pain. One thing I’ve never been scared of was tripping in my heels, the fear would stop you from wearing them, and when you do, your feet instantly get uncomfortable. It’s almost like your feet has a mind of it’s own and they never forget that one bad experience.

4. Don’t buy a pair of shoes because they are pretty or trendy

There is a pair of trendy shoes I really like, I’ve gone and tried them on, they look amazing on the feet. I could stand but I could barely walk in them. I would be spending more than usual on them and they would potentially sit under my bed most of the time, is it really worth it to buy these trendy shoes? It’s ok to be sensible when buying shoes especially high heels. I’ve learnt that if a pair of shoes pinch or hurt before you buy them, they would potentially take much longer to give, by then, you might have already given up.

5. Have a ‘fail safe’ pair

At the beginning of a season, I buy one main pair of heels that I’m willing to wear till it’s death all through the season. My ‘fail safe’ pair that I can wear dressed up or down, so when other heels fail, I know where to look for comfort. As you know, shoes mould to the feet, the more you wear one pair of shoes, the quicker your feet gets accustomed to them.  Start by wearing them out and about for a few hours, in no time, you’ll find that you are wearing the shoes for a longer period of time. 

I am aware of the risks of wearing high heels, please do not ignore them. I’ve heard stories of what wearing heels could cause in the long run (even in a short run). I’m only responsible for my own actions.

I would love to hear your thoughts on wearing heels and why women choose to wear them regardless of the risks. Please leave your comments below.