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How to transition your bedroom from summer to winter & Luxury Bedroom with Juliette’s Interiors


When you think luxury dream bedroom what pops to mind? Well, as part of Juliette's Interiors Luxury Bedroom Challenge I'm sharing mine with you guys as well as how I transition my bedroom from summer to winter. As the temperature drops, everyone is talking about dressing up for the colder months - the fashion trends etc. With me, I spend more time at home during winter. Time really does fly, this is my second winter in my new home. The first was all about adjusting to the life of a homeowner, so this season, I'm taking a step closer towards my 'ideal' winter home. I have already shown you to my living room, but not yet my bedroom. Only that this time, it's not my actual bedroom, it's my luxury 'dream' bedroom. If like me you spend a lot of time trawling on Pinterest for home inspiration and bedroom goals, this one is ...

My Sukhi Rug


I recently got a new home accessory added to my living room, thanks to SukhiRugs. It's a small woollen yarn rug which adds some character and cosiness to the room. What better time for this, especially as we embrace the colder months? Decorating, in general, has been a bit slow, mainly because I'm being selective as I don't want end up with  clutter or things that don't fit into the scheme or don't need. As seen in my introductory home post, the colour scheme in my living room is green (/lime/yellow) and grey, so this rug fits in just right. My living room is still work in progress. I am contemplating if to get a centre coffee table or not. But, it might make the room feel a little bit smaller. The whole idea was to place the rug in the middle of the room with a coffee table, but for now...Rug ...

Grey & Green | Living Room with Next Home


Finally, the decorating journey has started and it starts with Next. Some of you who are following me on snapchat and twitter would know I recently moved to a new place. Somewhere I can call MY OWN...eek. It was a personal goal to get on the property before I turned 30 and it happened just in time. I’ve worked so hard for this and I couldn’t be more appreciative. I decided to introduce the new category A Home Diary, focusing on homes and interior decor. Not only because I want to inspire you and make you see how things plan out, but also because it’s therapeutic for me to share this journey with you guys - new and old discoveries. It’s a win win. 1. Texture Weave Cushion in Green 2. Ochre Cosy Woven Check Cushion c/o Next Naturally, you instantly want your new place to feel homely, I spend quite a lot of time ...