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OMG! That’s So Last Year. 5 Things You Should Embrace This Year


So long to 'try too hard' Instagram captions and false reality, that's so last year. *Already looking away with disinterested*. Blogging and social media does take its toll but I'm so grateful I can balance all that with having another full-time job and having something I call 'real life'. It could be difficult if all you are fed with day and night are all kinds of social media blehhhhh. So, here are 5 things to embrace this year for good energy and positivity. Obviously not limited to. Focus on getting that £££... This never gets old. Focus on being a better version of you. Be your own measure of success, aim to achieve 20 times more than you did last year and the previous one. It's all about you. Love. Just love and keep on loving. Love everything. Love your friends, love people you don't know - ok but don't try ...