Summer Friendly Makeup Tips


Summer is debatably the best season. The weather is mostly gorgeous, and there’s a lot more to do. This means your makeup game needs to be on point if you’re going to have a good time and feel your best! These makeup tips are summer friendly, so try them out and see if they can make a difference to your routine

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Use A Lighter Foundation

Instead of using a heavy foundation, which is fine for winter, try switching to something lighter with less coverage. It can be nicer during summer to let your natural skin shine through, freckles and all! If you still need high coverage, try going for something nice and dewy to give your skin a sheen. When it comes to the shade, you might actually need a slightly darker shade for that summer time glow!

Stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated during summer is a must for your makeup. Make sure your skin is always well moisturised, and drink lots of water. Your makeup will automatically look better when applied to a moisturised face, and the water will clear up your skin further.
Invest In A Great Highlighter

Highlighter is so popular these days, especially with techniques like strobing and highlighting. A great highlighter is a must for summer, as the light will reflect on your face and make you look like a shimmering goddess! Apply it to your cheekbones, nose, and maybe a tiny bit on your chin and brow bones. It’s up to you how much you apply. Sometimes subtle is best, but if you’re planning a big night out, you can be a little more liberal with it.

Experiment With Bright Colours

Summer is a brilliant time to experiment with bright colours. Try a bright eyeshadow colour or new lipstick shade. You can afford to try these things during summer, as winter is all about dark shades. Have fun with it. Try pastels, neons, and anything else that takes your fancy. You can find lots of choice with brands such as Violet Voss cosmetics.  

Always Use A Primer

Use a primer all over your face before foundation, and make sure you use an eyeshadow primer too. This will keep your makeup on longer and keep it looking smooth, even in the summer heat. The sun can make makeup slide off and look worse for wear. So make sure you apply priming products to keep it in place. I currently use the Loreal Infallible Mattifying Base, it is affordable and it does the job.

Setting Spray

Setting spray is another great product for keeping makeup in place after you’ve finished. Some people just use hairspray, but there are many great setting sprays for the face these days that mean your makeup won’t budge. Just remember to have some good wipes and wash ready after a night out to remove it. Oily cleansers are best, but you need to choose based on your skin type.

These summer friendly makeup tips will help you to look incredible, whatever the weather this summer. Whether you’re heading to a festival, on holiday, or simply to a barbeque, you’ll look your best!



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