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She who finds a good skincare product finds a good thing, wouldn’t you agree? Especially when you have a sensitive skin and a rather complex one too. I have a combination skin that reacts to almost everything and my skin is far from perfect. I’m yet to find the right skincare that would help achieve something closer to perfect. A nice GLOW, you know the one I’m talking about right? Achieving the perfect glowy skin isn’t solely dependent on skin products, diet and water are two key factors also.

About a week ago, I started using The Hero Project Glow Drops and Hyasoft Moisture Boost. The Glow Drops is a blend of natural essential oils and vitamin C, this dry touch facial oil helps to nourish and brighten complexions, revealing the much-loved ‘post-facial’ glowing skin. The Hyasoft is a soothing, cooling and thirst-quenching product that will rescue skin from the dehydration and dryness that the sun can cause. This sounds rather promising, doesn’t it? I usually react to products within 3 days, but not these so far, so fingers crossed…

The Hero Project Glow Drops and Hyasoft Moisture Boost

My morning regime is simple, after washing, I apply the Hyasoft Moist Boost and Glow Drops, in that order. In the evening after taking off my makeup and wash. Every other day, I alternate between a 5 minutes scrub session with honey and sugar or tone with Apple Cider Vinegar before applying the Hyasoft Moist Boost and Glow Drops.

Skincare. The Hero Project Glow Drops & Hyasoft Moisture Boost


**This post includes press samples c/o The Hero Project #BeautyOnAMission

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