Revisiting Older Wardrobe Favourites


Does anyone else go through that phase when nothing fits and nothing seems right with their clothes? Well, I’ve been going through that lately, actually, for a while now. Even though I look so put together every day, when I’m off duty, I just want to put all my clothes away and never see them again. My call to action was to revisit old wardrobe pieces, especially some of my favourites, just to make me fall in love with my clothes again. I know buying new clothes isn’t going to snap me out of this bloody phase. I’ve tried it, it didn’t work. It’s not my clothes, it’s me. I’m one of those people who actually buy clothes because I like them, no hidden agenda, no intentions of selling them off after one wear or for the “gram”, even if they were gifts.

So, something had to give, right?


Wearing: Blazer & Shoes (old) – Zara, Bag – Chloe Faye Medium, Trousers (old) – Baukjen, Sunglasses (old) – New Look

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Revisiting my old wardrobe pieces was the best decision, and I will totally recommend it to anyone who is going through this phase. I know many women do. So rather than buying more clothes which might end up in the same pile, go back to what you haven’t seen or worn in years. Maybe try mixing basics with statement pieces or colours – if you are one for colours, try something fun or remix something old with new.

Here, I’ve paired this oldie statement blazer (who remembers this from Zara circa two years ago?) with a simple white tee (staple) and wide leg trousers. Without the blazer, this look is pretty basic and classic. Right? I haven’t worn in 2 years but it’s still a favourite. Wearing it made a lot of difference to how I felt with the entire ensemble – confident and vibrant.
Revisiting Old Wardrobe Pieces

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5 Responses
  • Antionette Blake
    October 25, 2016

    So true, I am working on clearing out my main closet and mixing and matching items that I hadn’t previously worn together.

  • Tee
    November 10, 2016

    Loving wide leg trouser right now too! Great post hun X

  • Joy Ejaria
    January 17, 2018

    I love a wide leg trousers! You look amazing.

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