Pink Suit


Dear All, I present to you, this PINK SUIT.

…with this suit, it was love at first sight. It’s the perfect shade of pink, the shade I’m totally obsessed with at the moment. Topshop, you have done too well with this one.

As soon as I saw the suit on the mannequin, I knew the suit had to go home with me no matter what, I had to make it work on me…somehow!Pink Suit


Knowing the likelihood of seeing it on 100 other people is high, but I know those people will have similar personality traits as me, the one which this suit commands. I’m happy to associate.

True confession, it’s one of my favourite wardrobe pieces currently. The beauty of a two piece is that you can wear one without the other. Stretching out the functionality of your wardrobe.

Simply paired with a white t-shirt and red pumps for work. It couldn’t get more effortless than this. Well, apart from the pink statement Zara earring I’m loving so much right now.

Let’s assume I wasn’t going to work, a simple pair of trainers would also work perfectly with this look. I would opt for a white pair.

This pink suit, highly recommended for the sassy, fearless and confident ‘girl boss’. Not for the faint hearted, so much attention will be coming your way!

Pink Suit Pink Suit…A closer look at some of the fine details…

Watch – Olivia Burton, iPhone Case – Iphoria

Olivia Burton Watch

Pink SuitPink SuitPink Suit

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