One Night In Paris


One night in Paris! Guys, I can not tell you how much I needed to get away. Even if only for one day…and I did just that. Coincidentally, I was in Paris same time 3 years ago with my other half, you can read about that trip in this Travel Diary. This time, I went with my friend. I think city breaks are perfect for friends. I haven’t been outside of the UK in almost 3 years, so YES, here’s to the first trip of many this year – so help me God.  

So, we left for Paris early Saturday morning, had no rest, did stuff, went to bed at 4 am. With 4 hours of sleep, we were up and about again on Sunday. Got on the train back to London at 7 pm on Sunday. Didn’t get back home until 12am. I’ve been a like a zombie all week, I’m running on fumes.

We stayed at the friendliest boutique hotel and I couldn’t recommend it more. The staff were probably the only people that were friendly in the entire city…I don’t know why, but I find it very weird and hard to believe that someone who works in public service in a city full of tourists only speaks one language – French – and is not willing to help if you can’t speak french. I’ve only experienced this in Paris.

I’m not a ‘city break’ kinda girl…I don’t particularly find Paris as highly rated as people say. Though I do like cafe hoping and eating out.

I thought it would be unfair to make such conclusion about Paris after my first visit 3 years ago, but I’m still waiting to be persuaded after the second visit.

I want to fall in love with Paris. Genuinely, I do. I may have another excuse to go back this year for Paris Fashion Week, so I’ll see what opportunities come my way…

T-shirt, Etre Cecile; a french brand that I thought would be fitting for my trip. I paired it with a simple pair of skinny jeans. By the way, I have been living in these jeans. They fit so perfectly, they have enough stretch so they mould unto you without feeling squeezy. I took my Louboutin So Kate with me because I wanted to take this shot in front of the Eiffel. Of course, they also worked nicely with this look.

The red accent/accessories weren’t planned, but it worked perfectly. I’ve linked the entire look in my shop.

Shot at the Louvre Museum.


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  • MJ Junior
    January 28, 2017

    Hmmm, i have always heard that about Paris. They believe their language is superior to others.
    I have never been anyway, I would love to go there some day!

    Looking sleek by the way.
    MJ xx

    • Bankè
      January 29, 2017

      Thank you MJ.
      Yes, it’s a beautiful city. Many people love Paris, you may also fall in love when you visit. x

  • Kay
    January 29, 2017

    Yes, I’ve also heard it’s not so friendly there. So beautiful though! And you are looking chic as always Thanks for sharing!

  • Irene
    January 29, 2017

    I feel the same way! I’m currently in Paris and I do feel it’s a lil overhyped, however I do have a Parisian friend here who is making it amazing for me! But if I were here completely alone I’d be on a train straight back!

    • Bankè
      January 29, 2017

      Ohhh Irene, hope you are well. Yes, I agree, Paris will be much better with Parisian friends.

      You’ve got a lovely blog btw. xx

      • Irene
        February 1, 2017

        It definitely was! Thank you hun. Yours is too, I love feel of your blog and your style is très belle lol xoxo

  • Lorenzo Berthelot
    January 30, 2017

    Loved your post about Paris! Looking forward on hearing how Paris Fashion week goes 🙂

    • Bankè
      January 30, 2017

      Thank you Lorenzo! I do hope I get to go 🙂 xx

  • Sue-Jeen
    February 1, 2017

    Great post & pictures. I am planning to go to Paris in a few days but I have also heard that it is not what we all see on TV. I am really looking forward to just saying I was there. 🙂

    • Bankè
      February 1, 2017

      Yes, I haven’t been to many countries but traveling awakens your inner mind in a good way. Enjoy your trip darling, you might have a completely different view from me xxxxx

  • Lalu
    March 15, 2017

    Mi piace molto la tee e quelle scarpe poi…

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