Malta Fashion Week; Designer Highlight – Suzana Perić


I think my days in Malta came and went in a flash. Like they say, time flies when you are having fun.

Before I went to Malta, I had no pre-planned content for Malta fashion week. I knew I was going to share all with you and I knew I didn’t want the regular ‘I love the dresses, they were so pretty’. Yes, there is that, but surely there is more. I want you to almost live the experience with me and get to fall in love with the designers as well. My fashion week mission would be to make this possible with newer designers and some old school ones that I love too. You honestly get to connect differently with a brand when you can hear the message the designer is giving through their personality.

By all means, go catch up on all my designer highlights before you touch down with this final instalment.

By the time I met Suzana, I had already shaken off my ‘new kid on the block’ feeling. So, we were introduced exchanged greetings, a day before her show. We got talking on day one and I kept thinking what a lady she is and a very fashionable one too. She’s a modern woman who likes to dress nice. Guess that’s why she creates such gorgeous pieces for women to look and feel confident, feminine and chic. I kinda got the ‘west London’ vibe, quite boujee (fine dining and designer clothes) but very much down to earth also. Btw, this is all first impressions, I might be wrong. Suzana, if you do read this post, please forgive me. Suzana Perić - Fashion Designer

Suzana Peric – Fashion Designer

I checked out Suzana’s site the night before the show and just like I thought after meeting her, her collection is for ‘us’. Me, you, her, she and every girl who likes to feel feminine, flirty and basically a babe. The pieces are wearable. I can relate. I’m all about wearable fashion. Ok, a little pricey for every day, but if you are one for a Self Portrait price bar, Suzana Perić should also be on your radar. Suzana Perić - Fashion Designer

By the end of the night after her show, we got talking even more. Suzana is momma who also manages to run a successful fashion brand, shows her collection in Serbia Fashion Week (her home town) and Malta as well. Insert -girl boss-! Not only did we talk about non-fashion stuff, I found myself showing her pictures of my chosen wedding dress.

The collection is elegant. From the floaty silky pieces to romantic lace and embroidery details, here are some of the remarkable dreamy pieces from the collection. Suzana Perić - Fashion Designer

Suzana Perić - Fashion Designer

I absolutely adore her pieces. This ruffled lace dress would totally be perfect for my bridesmaids for my wedding later this year…

Suzana Perić Dress

Suzana Perić - Fashion Designer This concludes my designer highlight from Malta Fashion Week. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading all about them. The entire experience has left me with a strong desire to explore Fashion Week in other cities. Could this be my new calling? Hehehe!

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