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This is a follow up to my Malta Fashion Week 2017 – Photo Album where I talked about my first impressions and all. Go catch up now if you haven’t done so already. I’ll be highlighting 3 key designers that I fell in love with during Malta Fashion Week as I mentioned in the prequel. See, I don’t want to write about how pretty all the clothes were, but hopefully get you to almost feel the experience like I did, so pardon me if I go into deeeetails, I promise I won’t be a bore…

So let’s rewind to my actual first day (not the day I arrived in Malta in the most stunning hotel ever. I’ll leave this out for another post). I had arranged to have fittings with Ritienne Zammit, all via emails etc. This wasn’t possible during the day, so I had an hour before the shows kick off at 7:30 pm.

Ritienne Zammit – Designer

Myself and Maltese fashion designer Ritienne Zammit

Myself and fashion designer Ritienne Zammit. Wearing a 2 piece from her last collection.

I met Ritienne, and she was very down to earth. I warmed up to her personality before I even saw her collection. We walked over to where she had her last season’s collection displayed and she said to me to pick whatever I fancied. A collection inspired by ‘greed & betrayal’. So if you look closely at the detailed prints, it’s the betrayal of Jesus by Judas. I had to switch off from the religious me to the artistic me. Since this is all last collection, I didn’t quest further as we sat for a chat over a ‘cup’ of wine (or two). Instead, we talked like friends. If Ritienne was a Londoner, she would be a ‘Camden babe’. She actually said this herself. When I asked her about the new collection, all she said was ‘you will see’ with excitement all over her face. We didn’t only talk about fashion, by the third cup of wino, she spoke about life in Malta, and I spoke about life in London and quite naturally we became BFFs (in my head)! lol!

Ritienne closed the runway shows during Malta Fashion Week on Friday. Of course, I had a soft spot for her new collection ‘I love Valletta’. Don’t tell me off if I’m being biased. It’s a different vibe when you’ve gotten to meet someone and you see their collection. Again, it was a merge of art, religious rebel and history. In my opinion, Ritienne is one of the designers who express emotions through their art. Not necessarily playing towards commercialism. It was just pure and unapologetic. Here are some of my favourites. What say ye?

The styling in the new collection is quite striking. The lacey pieces are amongst my favourite, bringing in elements of romance to the historical print. My history isn’t great, but looking at the collection as an outsider, it seems Ritienne was telling a story, a love story about Valletta I would say. Great show Ritienne!

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  • MyCityMyLondon
    June 8, 2017

    Fab designs here and love your outfit! I’m sure that grabbed many on lookers:)

    love love love! Next time we go together

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