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Lepel Half Bra from House of FraserLepel Strapless Bra c/o House of Fraser

I’m very fortunate to be curvy, I call myself curvy even though I’m a size 8, and that’s because I’m busty. I’m not an average size 8 girl with a C cup or even a DD. I am indeed a FF cup size.

Now, here’s the struggle and it’s real, the trouble of finding a bra that fits…it’s a very tiring process, it could be right cup size but the shape might be totally wrong. I’m not a fan of lingerie shopping and I stick to black 99% of the time. If I find one that fits, I buy two of the same bra. Apart from this, if you are anything bigger than a DD cup, the price mark doubles to get anything that ok and it triples to get any thing that is fancy/sex and still fits.

Lepel-Lingerie Lepel-underwear-lingerie

Strapless bras I’ve particularly struggled with. I’ve looked past the price mark and gone out of my way to own one, but nah, not convinced on splurging £60 or more on something that is just meeeehhh. To my surprise this simple piece from Lepel at House of Fraser is actually OK and below £30 price mark which is almost unreal. Now, maybe I can invest in more strapless clothes eh?signature

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  • Julie
    June 14, 2015

    I definitely need to invest in more strapless bras. I only own like 2 I think, definitely need to get more now that summer is here. xx

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