Journal 3: Planning for London Fashion Week With Blogger Eva (Glamazon Blog)


I caught up with Eva a couple of weeks ago, we both work in the city and found out our offices aren’t far from each other’s so we decided to do lunch…ok, shoot first, then lunch after, like we bloggers do right?

Eva needs no introduction on my blog, she’s been featured once before, here. But for my new readers, I’ll do a bit of intro.
Eva from GlamazonblogImage: Eva Glamazon Blog

So, Eva has been blogging for about 5 years but more consistently the last 2. She’s been a London Fashion Week regular attendee, with 8 seasons on her blogging CV, gets around 15 show invites and has also attended Paris Fashion Week.

For many bloggers like myself who work and blog at the same time, TIME is of the essence. I’ve never been able to do fashion week full-on and I admire people who can, myself and Eva talked about juggling this especially around Fashion Week…

Me to Eva: How far ahead do you start to plan
Eva: Well, you do not need to plan that much if you are a LFW virgin to be honest. As a blogger you need to sort out your accreditation application maybe in August and sort out your invites. If you want to do any collaborations with any brands it is up to you when you start to plan this. However, I would say to start to look into that maybe 3 weeks before the start of LFW. You can also sort out your outfits however I leave that to the last minute.
Me to Eva: I usually leave outfits till last minute as well, you just don’t know what the cray weather would be like. However, I might be doing all 5 days this season which is new to me, which means I may have to do things a bit differently. One or 2 days, I think I can cope without planning, but the other 3 might be a struggle. I don’t have enough transitional pieces in my wardrobe for starters, and as a blogger, image and impression really matters during fashion week.

Me to Eva: What are your Fashion Week essentials
Eva: It would be my camera and Iphone, portable Iphone charger. You can also bring your business cards however I am not a huge fan of them anymore. Fashion week is a very busy period for everybody and I always arrive home so tired. When I check my bag it is filled with cards and then I feel so lost. I much prefer to start to follow people on instagram or twitter as that is the easiest way you can contact each other and all you need is your phone.
Me to Eva: I totally agree with you, I don’t understand why a fellow blogger would hand me their business card…From a blogger’s perspective, I think the purpose of business cards is for people who are not necessarily in the same community e.g PRs who you potentially like to build a relationship with; you make your first impact/impression and then you follow up with a business card. For the first time since I’ve been attending Fashion Week, I actually got some business cards done this season, I think it’s always good to have some ready. Imagine a scenario where you’ve had a good conversation with someone pretty interesting, it ends on a high, they ask how best they can contact youand you have to scribble your details on a piece of paper…

Me to Eva: What do you look forward to the most at FW
Eva: It is the buzz, the collections and the endless inspiration. And you never know what is going to happen or who you going to meet. I managed to have small talk with people like Olivia Palermo and Ines de la Fressange. I also love to watch crazy fans chasing people like Cara Delevigne or Kendall Jenner. It can be quite comical what are people willing to do for a picture. LOL

Me to Eva: Any tips for newer bloggers on how to get involved in fashion week
Eva: Firstly, I would think about the fact if your blog really needs you to attend LFW. I think too many bloggers think it is right for their readers but they may not be even that interested. I spoke to few bloggers that used to attend fashion week and they said it did not change much on their blog. If you still feel it will benefit your readers then you can apply for accreditation, try to get to the shows or you can just do new collection reports on the blog. You can also try your luck and go and shoot some good street style pictures. To be honest my readers love that the most.

However, every year I find it harder and harder to manage this. If you have meetings and shows you
are so busy so in the end you have no time to shoot other people at all. Everything is so hectic but fabulous at the same time.
Me to Eva: I love street style pictures, I specifically do hashtag searches on Instagram during fashion week. I think getting photographed adds a couple of brownie points to your status as a fashion blogger, especially if it’s by a well known photographer or you get featured by a major magazine or website like Vogue. Many top profiled fashion bloggers raised their profiles and shot to limelight this way.
Personally, my fashion week goal will be to experience what happens behind the scenes. The catwalk shows are a result of all that happens behind the scenes, which I find fascinating and potentially much more exciting, not enough of that gets shared.

Eva’s blog is predominantly about fashion and lifestyle. She writes about restaurants, cool spots in London and travels. Originally from Czech Republic but lived in London for almost 10 years. Eva’s blog is currently in the Top 10 Best Established Fashion blogs in United Kingdom – UK Cosmpolitan Awards 2014! And also in the Top 10 Czech Fashion Blogs Awards 2013.

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