How to transition your bedroom from summer to winter & Luxury Bedroom with Juliette’s Interiors


When you think luxury dream bedroom what pops to mind? Well, as part of Juliette’s Interiors Luxury Bedroom Challenge I’m sharing mine with you guys as well as how I transition my bedroom from summer to winter.

As the temperature drops, everyone is talking about dressing up for the colder months – the fashion trends etc. With me, I spend more time at home during winter. Time really does fly, this is my second winter in my new home. The first was all about adjusting to the life of a homeowner, so this season, I’m taking a step closer towards my ‘ideal’ winter home.

I have already shown you to my living room, but not yet my bedroom. Only that this time, it’s not my actual bedroom, it’s my luxury ‘dream’ bedroom. If like me you spend a lot of time trawling on Pinterest for home inspiration and bedroom goals, this one is for you!

I was recently introduced to luxury brand Juliette’s Interiors and I was totally swept off of my feet. I’m talking extreme home decór and interior goals here! What does the ideal winter bedroom look like? Well, for starters, this one….

The Bed

I have an obsession with four-poster beds. Brings back memories of my grandparent’s house, each bedroom had custom-made canopy beds draped with lace/chiffon-like fabric depending on the time of the year we visited. The beds were layered with handmade throws, crocheted or knitted cushions which were handmade by my grandma.

So, lots of layering and everything had a nice vintage smell. I think this is where my love for layering comes from, and it’s ideal for winter.

I love everything about this Italian design four poster bed especially the detailed antique style paint finish.Juliette's Interiors Luxury Bedroom ChallengeJuliette’s Interiors – Italian Designer Four Poster Bed

The Mattress

I don’t think I’ve had a good night sleep anywhere else other than on my bed mattress.

As they say, comfort is key. As a girl who loves her beauty sleep, a comfortable mattress, especially one that provides extra support is a winner. But the problem will be getting out of bed in the morning 😛

As you can see, I have a theme going on here and for gold goodness sakes, how beautiful are these? Ultimate bedroom goals.Juliettes interiors Bedroom Inspiration1.High End Italian Designer Four Poster Bed 2.Large Italian Modern Gold Leaf Mirror 3.Classic Italian Oval Dressing Mirror 4. same as 1. 5.High End Italian Dressing Table And Mirror Set 6.Contemporary Ebony Wood Veneer Designer Dressing Table 7.White Louis Reproduction Bedroom Dressing Mirror 8.Freestanding Italian Oval Antique White Dressing Mirror

Here is how I would describe my signature style bedroom…
I like warm tones and layering. This combination in a bedroom oozes glam and luxe, yet cosy. I also like DIY touches in a bedroom either with furniture or accessories, gives a personal feel to the room.

…I like coordinating. So long as there is some kind of theme going on, I’m fine…

So what really changes – How do I transition my bedroom to get it ready for winter?
    1. The Layers. In summer, I use blankets and pair with a quilt as it starts to get colder. Duvet for winter, and again, paired with a quilt on extra nippy days. I also use a mattress cover as the first layer for more insulation.
    2. 2. The colour scheme. Warmer tones are best for winter. Away with florals and bright colours. You would be surprised to know that a lot of people are instinctively associate warmer and denser colours with winter.

  1. As a fun fact, the last item I bought for my bedroom was a Scented Candle. Candles are great for creating the perfect mood in winter and I’m very keen on candles.

I would like to know how you transition your bedroom from summer to winter. What extra bits do you add to your bedroom to make it cosier for the colder months?

**In collaboration with Juliette’s Interiors

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