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Following the questions I had from my Blogging and Working Full-Time post, I’ve decided to share some light on How I do It. I’m not going to lie and say, it’s so easy, but it’s do-able – and yes, it’s possible to be successful at doing both – working, studying or any other life choices combined with being a blogger.

Off Shoulder Tunic

Time Management

I think this is one thing everyone struggles with. Having a routine or structure works for me. In saying this, I hate anything that’s too restrictive, so, I’m flexible when planning and my self-imposed restrictions feel nothing like being in a military camp. I know the things I can’t accommodate or afford to do, so I’ve had to compromise on them. The moment more time is spent on things that are not of high importance, the less time I can spend on the important things – priorities.


For my blog to thrive, I know I have to spend some time on social media, attend some events for networking, do some research, shoot, edit pictures etc. Going to work is the only thing I can’t be flexible with. Knowing what’s most important and the order of importance is a major key. I love blogging, I enjoy doing it, I like every aspect of it, I never want it to feel like a job or a chore, it’s an amazing feeling seeing a baby grow, my blog is my baby, but I need to set my priorities, get the right balance for growth.

Strengths over Weaknesses

Funny, I used to wonder why this question came up at interviews. It’s a broad topic to go into but, one of the things that will get you far at what you do is what you are good at. What aspect of blogging do you enjoy doing or are you good at – use it.

Never Limit Your Abilities

This I don’t practice to the ‘T’, but if there is anything I constantly have to remind myself, it is THIS – “Never Limit Your Abilities Bankè”. This gives the correct mind frame and motivation to push a little further, the moment I push myself, I realize I’m already miles ahead of where I was a minute ago.

All easier said than done right? It’s all work in progress, but everything starts from what you tell yourself every day.

White Tunic with bell sleevesOff shoulder bell sleeve top Dior SunglassesOff shoulder tunic_white details_white tunicWearing:

Off Shoulder Bell Sleeve Tunic (old) – Chicwish

Necklace – Maria Black

Sandals & Bag (old) – New Look

Sunglasses – Dior

signature-A Style Diary-Bankè

3 Responses
  • Love the look. I am a full time student and I also work on campus, it can be so hard to juggle everything but time management is key. totally agree

  • Linda Bella
    June 7, 2016

    Beautiful Post. <3

  • Lara Garvie
    June 8, 2016

    Really digging this look. Great tips, I especially enjoyed focusing on the strengths.

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