Floral Sleeved Bomber Jacket


The bomber jacket. One of those pieces I once said never to, but as “trend” would have it, I started warming up to the bomber. I have met a few bomber jackets I did not like, pretty on the hanger and on others, but not for me. I think that’s the most disappointing part of the story. I decided to test drive it anyway, after a number of trial and error, I stumbled on this floral sleeved number, this was circa last summer. I bought it even though I wasn’t entirely convinced, was still in the warm up stages when I did. It resurfaced recently when I was moving house, just when bomber jackets had peaked on the trend ladder. The floral details on this bomber make it perfect for completing any looks this season, either dressed up or down. I need not ask who else is loving the bomber jacket at the moment right?

Enough about the bomber jacket, does anyone else start to find items or they once said never to suddenly appealing? I’m sure it happens to everyone 🙂

Bomber jacket with floral sleeves.

denim trousers and bomber jacket

Here are some stunning bomber jackets that are totally doing it for me right now…

denim and bomber jacketbomber jacket with floral detailssummer cover up_floral sleeved bomberLevi Jeans with Floral Sleeve Bomber JacketFloral Sleeved BomberFloral sleeved bomber jacket Fashion Streetstyle Bomber Jacket


Bomber Jacket – similar above

Jeans – Levi’s (DIY for unfinished hem)

Bag – Louis Vuitton

Sandals – Zara

Hoop Earrings – Topshop

Sunglasses – Newlook

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