On Fashion Week | What Does The Ordinary Eye See?


Many fashion bloggers want the opportunity to attend shows during fashion week, yes I’m also one of them…but what does the ordinary eye see in these 15 minutes shows? Is it possible to capture the beauty of the art in these few minutes? Experts will probably tell you yes, but I’m 50/50 and I’ll tell you why.

During the last London Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to go backstage at J. P Braganza, I also got to see the show live where I sat/stood right at the back and had to do quite a lot of stretching to see what was happening on the runway – the person in from of me was probably doing the same and so was the person in from of them…My point is this, you see colours, you see swishing fabrics, you get the general gist, but you don’t really see the art and the beautiful details of these pieces.

What am I really on about? Firstly on Jean-Pierre Braganza one of the shows I was impressed by at SS16 LFW, only a true genius can transform art into an even greater form of art. In this case, Braganza turns his fascination for jazz into a whole mind blowing collection. In his collection we see a lot of deconstruction, reconstruction and draping we see suits modernised, hems left loose and open panels Braganza turned the chaos he saw in jazz and wrapped it in this bold coloured collection.Jean Pierre Braganza SS16 at London Fashion WeekMoving to Paul Costelloe. I absolutely loved this 60s inspired collection. Though this trend is no longer new to us, I am astonished by the way he captures the era from the hair, the make-up to the silhouettes and the daring colours, of course with a modern twist. This is a collection Mary Quant would be excited by. Costelloe filled this collection with an aura of playfulness, innocence which followed every garment, but aside from the bold colours it was toned down with silvers and detailing which brought that trip to the past to an end.Paul Costelloe SS16_LFW

Can you now see what my eyes sees? This here is the reason why I love to see the shows live, I liken it to the sensation of seeing the picture of a meal in comparison to having the meal in close proximity where you can see and perceive the aroma of the food.

Images: Vogue Runway, Label Msignature

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  • anitasdiaries
    January 6, 2016

    It was very interesting to read about your experience at the fashion show.

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