Fashion: The Trick To Tonal Dressing


If you follow fashion seasons, you will know tonal dressing aka monochrome has been lurking around for eternity. So, any thoughts on wearing multiple shades of the same hue at once? Many people think black and white when the word ‘monochrome’ is used, which is why I refer to it as tonal dressing.

Fashion: The Trick To Tonal Dressing

Tonal dressing may be considered a faux pas by others, but if you have a good eye for details, you can definitely see the ‘cool and chic’ in tonal dressing. Also, mixing patterns can look a bit ‘out-there’ and colour-blocking a bit noisy, especially bold colours. Nothing wrong with that but, wearing a single shade is a simpler, cleaner approach to putting an outfit together. There is definitely something sophisticated and effortless about it, not only when worn formally, but also casually too. I also think outcome can be just as striking as wearing a bold pattern or vivid colours.

In fashion, is anything a faux pas these days? I think the lines have been completely blurred and it all depends on the beholder.

For Spring/summer, I would totally consider mixing textures and layering sorbet hues or perhaps classic colours for another season.

Here are some tricks to how to pull off tonal dressing

  1. use accessories to break it up
  2. Mix textures – knits and tailoring
  3. Work from light to dark or dark to light. But preferably light to dark for a better visual appeal
  4. More than two tones would work too, but…
  5. Avoid breaking the flow. If you are coordinating your jumper with your scarf and your jumper is a light shade, use a light shade of scarf. You can work with a darker shade for the bottom half. Otherwise, you are colour blocking (a different trend entirely)

So, tell me, are you keen on this trend, and if so, what’s your favourite colour and how would you be wearing it?

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