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No summer is complete without a pair of chic sunglasses to complete your look. They rank really high on the list of essential summer accessories, sunshine calls for sunglasses, pronto.

On that note, let me introduce you to my new beau this summer. Many of you following me on my other social media channels have already been acquainted…
Ray-Ban 4175 Clubmaster Oversized Matte Havana 60921Ray-Ban Clubmaster Oversized Matte Havana c/o – Sunglasses Shop

Wait until you see these baddies on…the magnitude of chicness is off the scale, these Oversize Matte Havana takes it up a few notches with the mirrored lenses. The beauty of the Ray-Ban clubmaser is that they are unisex. I’ve been loving mirrored lenses since they came back on trend about 2 years ago, I’m glad the trend is lingering on for another season (and maybe more, who knows), but even if the trend fades, the Ray-Ban clubmaster is a classic trend that will remain, so it’s a win win.

Buying a pair of sunnies online is something I’ve never done and I found a little difficult. If like me, you find it a little tough choosing a pair of sunnies, try the steps below.

1. Go online, here you’ll have the virtual visibility of all available options. No one is hovering around expecting you to buy one or two of the 100 sunglasses you’ve tried on while searching for the perfect fit – but potentially walking away with none.

2. Open a new tab for every sunglasses you like. I had about 20 tabs open when I was trying to pick these on Sunglasses Shop

3. Narrow them down by what you don’t like about each one e.g tint, logo, size etc. You’ll find that this will reduce your options quicker until you come down to finals.

4. Finally, select your favourite brands of all the tabs you have open. You will find that you actually really like all the sunglasses that you have left, this really makes choosing one a lot easier.

5. Seek second opinion like you would if you went shopping in a store (this is optional). Give it a day or two and revisit, at this stage you are drawn to some more than others.

Which ever one you opt for could not be wrong.

Give this a go and let me know if it works, you can thank me later 😉

Sunglasses Shop – Ray-Ban Flash Sunglasses



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