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Luxury Staycation in London | Duke’s Hotel Mayfair


A staycation is something I hardly ever get to do, can’t remember when last I had one…

If you remember this post How to transition your bedroom from summer to winter & Luxury Bedroom with Juliette’s Interiors, it was a challenge from Juliette’s Interior to design my dream luxury bedroom using some of their products. As it happened, they liked my post and I won the competition.

To cut the story short, they organized an overnight stay for 2, including breakfast at the Duke’s Hotel in Mayfair. I slotted in a suitable date and I dragged my husband along with me.

Duke's Hotel Mayfair

Duke’s Hotel Mayfair

A boutique hotel tucked right in the heart of Mayfair. A walking distance from Green Park and Piccadilly Circus so location is perfect if you want to get about and see a bit of London.

Promptly checked in at 2pm, set for a chilled time at the hotel and a little wander around London later in the day.

They do an amazing bottomless brunch from 12-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays, considering I was there on a Saturday, this is something I would have loved to experience, but, sadly I missed out on it as we only finally got to settle in just after 3ish. An hour will be way too short to have tea, sit back and take it all in. Maybe some other time perhaps. 

The room

Very cosy and comfortable, perfect for an overnight stay. Just think you are on a business trip or stop over and you want somewhere very descent to rest for the night. Or perhaps just in need of a staycation like myself. I must say, I fell in love with the marble bathroom.


Something I look forward to every time I stay in a hotel, it’s usually the highlight of my experience. If it’s good, then everything is perfect and I can say I’ve had an amazing time.

We went for breakfast pretty early as my husband had lots to do the next day. The breakfast room (GBR) is absolute perfection and the service we had was great. So, for breakfast, I had a delightful Smoked salmon, scrambled egg brioche and it was phenomenal. It was nicely washed down with a beetroot, apple, ginger and carrot juice which wasn’t half as bad either. I regret not having enough time to experience the bottomless brunch even more after the amazing breakfast :(.

Also, they do afternoon tea which I presume would be good too, judging by their breakfast. Definitely on my ‘to do list’ with my girls sometime.

Here is a short room tour video…

But all thanks to Juliette’s Interior for choosing me as the winner of their challenge and for organizing the staycation at Duke’s Hotel.

A weekend In Paris | 3 Things That Made Me Fall In Love With Paris on This Trip


A Weekend In Paris. After my third visit, I can now officially say ‘I GET IT’. I love Paris.

So, you might ask what made me change my mind? What made me finally fall in love with Paris? Well, it took a long weekend, prior visits have been short and sweet, never enough time to discover or do enough. This time was different. I’ll tell you 3 things that made me fall in love with Paris on this visit.

Weekend In Paris
The Hotel

Hotel Le Cinq Codet, the most luxury and chic boutique hotel I’ve ever stayed in Paris. Where you stay in Paris matters A LOT! Le Cinq Codet is so well located and easily accessible. Closest metros are École Militaire, La Tour-Maubourg and Invalides. Walking distance to Rue de l’Université which leads to the Eiffel Tower, approximately 15 minutes walk to Pont Alexandre III bridge which is one of the ‘IT’ places to take instagramable pictures. These are just a few pros for a blogger like myself, I’ll come back to the hotel again in a bit… 

Exploring Paris & Site Seeing

Exploring the city by day and by night and discovering new things to do. I got around Paris by Metro and a lot of walking like never before. With the hotel so centrally located, it was great. I personally don’t think you can get to know a city well until you commute by yourself, get lost and then find your way back…am I right?

So, here are bits from my personal ‘handwritten’ journal. I don’t know if anyone else keeps a travel diary. Someday I want to open those pages and be filled with pleasant memories…

– Took the metro from La Tour-Maubourg to Grands Boulevards walks to Galeries Lafayette. Stops for coffee breaks, spoilt for choices with cafes.

– Evening stroll to from hotel to Saint-Germain for dinner. Ended up in a little Italian restaurant. Wished I could tell you exactly where as the food was so good. Had the biggest portion of Tiramisu for dessert.

– The Eiffel from different angles. I’m a tourist, I’m allowed. Shots from the rooftop at Galeries Lafayette and Rue de l’Université.

– Walked from Notre Dame to Le Marais for some for some falafel and back to the hotel along the river.

– Metro to Concord, candy floss by the Ferris wheel. Walked along Rue Saint Honoré to Palais Royal. Lots of vintage stores (must when next in Paris). Stopped at Cafe Kitsune, highly recommend the Yuzu and Honey tea 🙂

Taking Instagramable Pictures

As a blogger, you see picture opportunities everywhere. I might have mentioned this already, but the obvious and most popular on Instagram currently are; the Eiffel fromRue de l’Université (to be honest, every angle of the Eiffel is perfect), Louvre from Café Marly, find yourself a seat at Café de Flore when it’s not so busy for potentially the prettiest picture of ‘Cafe Paris’ ever (if not other Cafes would do too). There are lots of cute spots, roads and places that are picturesque, the french windows and terraces get me all the time. On my next visit, I would love a to have a terrace with a view of the Eiffel.Weekend In Paris

Weekend In Paris. View from the roof terrace at galeries lafayette

Weekend In Paris. View from the roof terrace at galeries lafayette

Things I would love to do on my future trips include SHOPPING. I’ve always dreamed of buying my first Chanel bag in Paris. Definitely fashion exhibitions. Apparently, there is always a worthy fashion exhibition in Paris, I missed out on the Alaïa exhibition in Paris, but that’s because I know there will be one in London from May to October. Art gallery and museums are also something my hubby loves, so perhaps we could do that together.

Le Cinq Codet

Breakfast In Bed. Le Cinq Codet

Breakfast In Bed. Le Cinq Codet

Back to the hotel. When on holiday, either on a city break or beach get-away, for me, where I call ‘home’ needs to have a huge element of comfort that I get in my actual home. It’s not so much about the appearance, it’s the ‘feel’.

With a spacious duplex room with high ceilings and beautiful deco, I was willing to spend my entire time in Paris lazying around in my room. With all facilities in check, spa and gym (to burn off the extra carbs from all the food consumed), it felt like I had everything at my fingertip. I leave you with this short clip.

*This post contains a review, but all opinions are my own

My Honeymoon – The planning & Shopping…


Honeymoon planning and shopping…Shopping for summer /holiday pieces during winter is one of the hardest tasks ever! Why didn’t anyone tell me?

If you are following me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been away for my honeymoon to sunny Thailand and rainy Bali. I’ll come back to these 2 places in a second…but first…the planning.

I started planning, sort of, just after my wedding in October. I had a clear idea of my destinations and when I wanted to go, it had to be January. A break from the winter chills and a strategic escape of January blues.

Honeymoon Planning & Shopping

Luna Body – Figleaves

Did I say planning, I suck at that. I am a pathetic planner. After a few weeks trying to organize the trip by myself, I got carried away and then I gave up. A colleague at work recommended a travel agent and I was on the phone with them right away. ( If you need recommendations, hit me up).

This was circa last November. At this point, my whole existence had already fasted forward to January. I could not wait. I had a bright idea of doing a vlog, but then, I didn’t want to take the element of privacy and relaxation out of the whole experience, so I decided not to. If it was a press trip, a vlog would be appropriate…

Hic…as a Nigerian passport holder, I had to apply for a visa for both countries. Roll my eyes. The moment I realised I’ve been on my Indefinite Leave Permit for too long…way too long

Ok, so I started shopping…like in December…

Shopping for summer /holiday pieces during winter is one of the hardest tasks ever! Why didn’t anyone tell me?
I was unable to find anything in stores. Only winter pieces, even in department stores. How did people survive before e-commerce?

Right, so let’s start…

The Swimwear & Cover Up

If you know me well, you know all roads lead to Figleaves when it comes to lingerie, swimwear, underwear shopping. The variety they offer just makes my shopping life so easy and I don’t have to scout the entire world wide web for anything under these categories. Now that summer holidays are fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to check out their new collection, including this gorgeous piece I wore here and here.

I also made a great discovery whilst scouting for bits, Next carry a small range for ladies with big busts as well and their holiday collection is impressive. Peep this swimwear from Next.

Swimwear from Next

Talking about Next, one of the best things I packed with me was this cover up. Ok, I’m not as confident as you may think about my body, I’m not one of those women who strut around in their bikini all day. This was my go-to piece at our resort in Phuket. Beach cover up

Here are some other great options to consider…


The Footwear

HAVAIANAS Slim Plain Flip Flop

Hands down one of my biggest essentials, a pair of slim plain Havaianas flip flops and they are super affordable too. I barely wore any other sandals in all two weeks. I wore these from the sandy beach in Phuket to the tropical storm in Bali, and trust me, I took with me one too many pairs of footwear options – just in case.

The Accessories

Let’s be honest, if you are laying about on the beach or by the pool, you need little or no accessories or makeup, of course, sunglasses are an exception. But in saying that, a little touch of details is always a good idea, like a straw hat or scarf, or my recent obsession, gipsy/boho jewellery.

Forget the statement straw hats with a personalized message, that’s so 2016, let’s talk classic straw hats like this Trilby hat from Next. I also like the idea of a backpack for mini-adventures, it was a perfect choice for going out and about, for example, our trip to the Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket. Ahhh, last but not least, a waterproof phone case might also come in handy…just saying. I have linked one below.

Straw Trilby Hat


scarf in hair

That’s it for my honeymoon planning and shopping. I’ll share more about the destinations in my next post. Please don’t forget to leave comments and show some love if you’ve enjoyed reading this post.

Until next time…

**This post may contain affiliate links and gifted products, but all opinion are mine. **

One Night In Paris


One night in Paris! Guys, I can not tell you how much I needed to get away. Even if only for one day…and I did just that. Coincidentally, I was in Paris same time 3 years ago with my other half, you can read about that trip in this Travel Diary. This time, I went with my friend. I think city breaks are perfect for friends. I haven’t been outside of the UK in almost 3 years, so YES, here’s to the first trip of many this year – so help me God.  

So, we left for Paris early Saturday morning, had no rest, did stuff, went to bed at 4 am. With 4 hours of sleep, we were up and about again on Sunday. Got on the train back to London at 7 pm on Sunday. Didn’t get back home until 12am. I’ve been a like a zombie all week, I’m running on fumes.

We stayed at the friendliest boutique hotel and I couldn’t recommend it more. The staff were probably the only people that were friendly in the entire city…I don’t know why, but I find it very weird and hard to believe that someone who works in public service in a city full of tourists only speaks one language – French – and is not willing to help if you can’t speak french. I’ve only experienced this in Paris.

I’m not a ‘city break’ kinda girl…I don’t particularly find Paris as highly rated as people say. Though I do like cafe hoping and eating out.

I thought it would be unfair to make such conclusion about Paris after my first visit 3 years ago, but I’m still waiting to be persuaded after the second visit.

I want to fall in love with Paris. Genuinely, I do. I may have another excuse to go back this year for Paris Fashion Week, so I’ll see what opportunities come my way…

T-shirt, Etre Cecile; a french brand that I thought would be fitting for my trip. I paired it with a simple pair of skinny jeans. By the way, I have been living in these jeans. They fit so perfectly, they have enough stretch so they mould unto you without feeling squeezy. I took my Louboutin So Kate with me because I wanted to take this shot in front of the Eiffel. Of course, they also worked nicely with this look.

The red accent/accessories weren’t planned, but it worked perfectly. I’ve linked the entire look in my shop.

Shot at the Louvre Museum.