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A Day Shopping At Freeport Braintree


Shopping was on the agenda over the weekend, so, on Saturday, I took a trip down to Freeport Braintree described as the ‘premier outlet in Essex’ for a bit of shopping and a fun day out.

My day started quite early in the morning – I was in for quite a bit of a travel. It’s straight forward to get to Freeport Braintree but it’s best to plan your journey ahead checking train and bus times so you know when to start and when you should be leaving. If traveling from London, there’s a direct train from Liverpool Street station which takes about an hour. Also, the shopping village is right outside the train station which is convenient.

Freeport Braintree has about 85 stores in total – It’s got a wide choice of fashion, homeware, fragrances, accessories and gift ideas from designer and high street stores including M&S Outlet, Next, Hollister, Hobbs, Karen Millen, Kurt Geiger, French Connection, GAP Outlet and so on and so on. You can start your day at 10 am from Monday to Sunday and late night shopping every Thursday until 8 pm. It has all the good stuff about city centre shopping without any of the stress – plus of course, up to 60% off the everyday prices. … It’s also got all the other bits you’d expect like cool cafes, free parking, cinema and a lot more just across the road from the village.

Although all the stores had their discount and promotions {totally check out the latest offers before visiting}, I did have my favourites – Levi’s. They had jeans as cheap as £14.99 which led to my very first pair of Levi’s and they were the 501. It doesn’t get better than that does it?Levi's_Freeport Braintree Levi's 501 Jeans_Discount_Freeport Braintree

Also, French Connection had an amazing 20% off the discounted prices on new collection pieces. I fell in love with a number of items including this bomber jacket, but I ended up with the most wonderful jumper with frill-y details – everything with frills and ruffles is totally on trend this season. It actually reminds me of the jumper from the Mother of Pearl SS16 runway show.

Bomber Jacket_French Connection_Freeport BriantreeFreeport Braintree_French ConnectionFCUK Shirt at Freeport Braintree

Another store I spent a lot of time was Recteller a homeware store. If you are following on my social media especially Snapchat, you would know I’m in the process of moving house, so I’m all about home goods at the moment – great discount is a plus. I purchased a set of lovely Yankee candles from Recteller and I must say, I’m now a Yankee candle convert.

Recteller Home store_freeport Braintree Yankee Candles at Recteller _Freeport BraintreeThe overall experience of Freeport Braintree was amazing there staff were so friendly and helpful and the customer service was exceptional in most of the stores I visited. The energy around the village was just right, not over crowded, it gave quite a luxe and cozy feel to the entire experience.

Freeport Braintree dicount home store Shopping at Freeport Braintree Essex Cadbury store at Freeport Braintree Shopping at Freeport Braintree Discount shopping at Freeport Braintree Shopping at Freeport Braintree_EssexIt’s was also nice not have people barge and push pass you. I felt like it was easy for me to take my time and shop feeling quite relaxed, also, everywhere I turned I had music to listen to. To end my Freeport adventure I stopped over at Thorntons for some ice cream…Ice cream is always a frigging good idea and the weather was perfect for it!


*In collaboration with Freeport Braintree|All images & content are my own|This post reflects my opinion

A Timepiece to Love


Is it me or is there something really fascinating about wood watches? The luxury of nature, I’ll say… Owning one has been on my wish list for a while and here I am, sharing this gorgeous piece by Jord Watches with you guys.

Jord WoodwatchWearing: Purpleheart & Mother of Pearl watch from the Cora series c/o – Jord

The beauty is in the details, the natural purpleheart wood is hand finished, the wood is paired with Mother of Pearl to showcase the luxe nature of natural materials. While wood might be seen as a masculine material, you know, you think of wood and you think strong, masculine etc, but I like that I was surprised by the variety of feminine choices from the collection. I also think it’s an all purpose perfect gift idea.

Berry tones for winter_ribbed turtle neck top, biker trousers

Suede finged gucci bag, winter coat_details

Biker trousers_winter style_outfit inspiration

Fringe Gucci Bag_street style Fashion

Messy plait meets messy bun_Hair

Messy plait meets messy bun

Fringe Bag_Street Style_outfit details

Biker trousers_gucci fringe bag_detailsWearing: Ribbed Turtle Neck Top – Primark, Biker Trousers & Shoes – Zara, Coat (old) & Sunglasses – New Look, Suede Fringed Bag (old) – Gucci

Womens Wood Watches

Beauty Update | September


My beauty life gets a little neglected when things get chaotic, this was the case shortly before London Fashion Week. I usually complain of not having enough time to do anything – I really don’t. Actually, maybe I should do a daily or weekly breakdown on the blog…hmmm, I’ll have a good think about that actually.

Ok, back to beauty…it warms my heart to share with you products that have made my beauty routines a lot simpler and quicker. First is the the Braun Silk-épil 5 which can be used wet or dry. What this means is that, you can actually achieve smooth pins without having to spend lots of minutes preparing your legs for the whole shebang. As much as I do like a well deserved pampering and grooming session, sometimes, a quick job would do just fine too – I’m sure many women would agree with me, it’s good to have both options available when time is of the essence.
At this point, it’s safe to say every woman needs a 2 in 1 hair styler. Up until now, I’ve had a hair curler and a hair straightener that I sometimes use simultaneously – on days that I make a bit of effort with my messy curls. A couple of days before London fashion week, I found some time to touch up on the colour of my hair using Maria Nila Colour Pop in pink, and I maintained my messy curls with the Braun Satin-Hair 7 styler (p.s it cools down and turns itself off after a while, brilliant!!). You can see the result below. These are the second and third products I’m totally thankful for.

The Maria Nila semi-permanent hair colour is so easy to use, along with the hair mask. Basically, you apply directly to pre-coloured hair, leave in for a few minutes and voilà! wash off and you’re done.

This is a period widely recognised as the time of habit change and new trends, why not challenge yourself to a new hair / beauty habit or trend? I’m so excited about not having to bother about my pins for a few weeks.

 c/o Braun Silk.Epil 5, Braun Satin-Hair 7, Maria Nila Colour Refresh


Beauty | Hair, Face & Vision


Beauty review…

A few products I’ve been using lately.Feel-Good-Contact-lens

Acuvue Define Contact Lenses. Natural Shimmer c/o – Feel Good Contacts

When the sun is shining and all you want to do is to sport the baddest sunglasses ever, but you can’t see so clearly through them, the only way forward is contact lenses right? I generally wear the clear daily prescribed lenses but decided to give the Acuvue Define Natural Shimmer a go, they make your eyes appear larger, deeper and more alluring. Many years ago, I used to wear coloured lenses, but I found them uncomfortable. I find daily lenses generally more comfy and softer, the pigment isn’t that obvious with the Natural Shimmer lenses.

The Natural Shimmer shade adds golden-brown flecks to the iris, enhancing the depth and sparkle of your natural colour. The dark outer ring gives irresistible definition, and Acuvue technology ensures your vision is flawless.
Because the colour sits around the outer edge of the eye, you won’t experience any interference with your sight. Plus, BEAUTY-WRAPPED-IN-COMFORT™ Technology encloses the pigment between layers in the lens, giving your eyes complete comfort.Feel Good Contacts


Hairfinity-Hair.Hairfinity Hair Vitamins c/o – Hairfinity

Hairfinity took off in America and they launched their new UK website in July. I heard about Hairfinity on Instagram (obvs) long before they launched in the UK and it was all positive reviews, regular people showing their then and now pictures. Note when I say regular people, it appealed to me because it did not seem like some sort of endorsement. 

…anyway, many of you may or may not know I wear extensions, but underneath my weave/wig, I still have my natural hair. I went for a big chop in January because I wanted a fresh start, I cut off the chemically treated hair and started on an au natuel journey. It’s not at a stage where I can wear it very proudly yet, I’ve been using the Hairfinity Supplements for a months and a bit and I can genuinely tell you I think it works. I mean, quite naturally, my hair would grow whether I use them or not right? I actually did gave it some time, I wanted it to work like magic, but nothing works like magic. But I’ll tell you what, I’ve been on the natural journey since January, my hair has been growing at a snail pace, but about 2 weeks ago I noticed a change. After the first moth’s supply, I ordered another month’s supply, I genuinely think it’s working… Maybe very soon you all will be seeing my afro 🙂


Kiehls-Daily-Reviving-ConcentrateReviving Concentrate – Kiehl’s

I think this is the fix I’ve been looking for for my face. I’ve been using the Daily Reviving and Midnight Recovery concentrates for about 3 weeks and my face has not felt as alive as it does now in a long time. I’m new to Kiehl’s, I haven’t actually heard so much about them and I’m thinking ‘where have they been all of my life?’

I don’t think pictures do justice on beauty products, a vlog would be preferable. I tend not to share as much as I would on beauty for this reason, but when I’m excited about products, I DO share out of conviction.signature