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3 Key Accessories To Enhance Your Summer Look


I need not preach about how essential accessories are or the importance. It’s all about the fine details like they say. So, which accessories have I been wearing to jazz up my summer looks? And what tips do I have for you lovely lot?

  1. The Scarf

This skinny silk number from Dior has been rocking my world lately. Here, I have it tied around my hair, but I’ve had it around my bag straps, wrist, neck or used as a headband.

Wearing: The Dior Mitzah Scarf

Can we all agree that a scarf the ‘Queen’ in the world of accessories? We transition from chunky knits in the winter to light-weight scarves in the summer. They are so versatile. Silk scarves are my favourite in the summer, and of course, the more colourful the better.

A slightly bigger scarf can be used as a belt as seen here on my Instagram.

What do you think? What’s your favourite way to wear scarves in the summer?

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2. The Earrings

I am all about statements, shapes and forms. I got this pair from Topshop last month and I haven’t taken them off. On a dress down day, they actually make me look and feel dressed up. Like I’ve made a bit of an effort.Pictured: Earrings – Topshop; Perfume Gris Montaigne – Dior

It took a while to find brands that do anything similar. But I’ve shared some links below to equally fabulous pieces that are either similar or are on my wishlist right now.

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3. The Sunglasses

I always keep at least a pair of sunglasses in my bag all the time, and these pair of Celiné shadow is one of them. I bought them last year and they are still my current go-to pair.

Wearing: Sunglasses Celine, Shadow

I can leave this space blank for you to complete the reasons why the sunglasses are great ‘look enhancers’….I’m sure you’ll all come up with at least 5 answers. Am I right?

Talking about the Celine shadow, I’m yet to see anyone they don’t look great on. I’ve lined them along with some classic pairs that are investment worthy below.

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 I am a big time sucker for accessories, but this summer, I can’t get enough of these 3.

Catwalk Queen: Spring Fashion Favourites


Let’s face it we all love seeing what’s coming up for AW17, but when it comes to our passion for fashion, not to mention any OOTD inspiration we like things move a little quicker! Luckily, SS17 is well underway, and we’ve been busy checking out brand new trends that you can shop right now! From trans-seasonal trench coats, pop socks and zebra striped bags to clunky mules and must-buy distressed jackets this is spring fashion at it’s very best.

In The Trenches

Everyone loves a trench coat, don’t they? They’re sleek, stylish and hugely practical thanks to being warm enough on a breezy spring day but without the thick layers of a winter coat. Belted or not, 3/4 length or full, buttons, or zips trench coats are a fashion staple that has both style and substance as well as coming in a kaleidoscope of pretty colours. Wear your trench with a pair of super skinny jeans, velvet mules and a simple cashmere sweater. Don’t forget your shades in those bursts of spring sunshine for a look that’s simple, effortless and oh so on trend.

Mini Mules

Spring Fashion FavoritesFinally, someone’s cottoned onto the fact we don’t always like having our tootsies on show! With mini-mules you get two trends for the price of one, as they’re part mule and part kitten heel so are fantastic footwear for garden parties, avoiding the stiletto grass problem, summer BBQ’s  and weekend shopping trips. Mini-mules are also ridiculously comfy thanks to their low, soft heel, so you won’t need to worry about any painful blisters either.

Tailored Tracksuits

The athleisure trend is now in full steam, and at last fashion has turned its eye towards zipped tops, slouchy jackets, tailored tracksuit bottoms and simple, structured T-shirts. Athletic wear is now such a big deal that everyone including Heidi Klum, Kate Hudson and Victoria Beckham has released collections that promote easy feel, ready to wear pieces that have an understated elegance to them. However, while athleisure gives us a break from tight body cons, restrictive jackets and sky-high heels don’t overdo it! The goal is to look like an off-duty athlete instead of an overgrown kid who’s forgotten her PE kit!

Striped Totes And Shoppers

Want to add more colour and texture to your wardrobe? A quick, easy and fashion forward way to do it is via a cute tote, mini backpack or shoulder bag! If you’re more a monochrome kind of girl, you’ll be pleased to know stripes are back in business while other trends in womens bags include navy, denim, checks, florals, and geometric prints. Whatever you choose make sure your bag contrasts with your outfit. Wearing a cherry red dress, pink jacket and black shoes? Lift your look with a sky blue or shiny purple tote bag.

Statement Socks

We’re not just talking about pop socks, but full on knee length ones worn over trainers, wedges and heels. In fact, the louder the sock, the more on trend you’ll be! For a cute, preppy but not schoolgirl look pair black ankle boots with white knee high socks, a floral playsuit and a distressed leather jacket to give your outfit a raw, industrial feel.

My Fashion Kryptonite


I have a trigger that turns on my ‘quirky style’ button. Apart from my obsession with white tees, high-waisted jeans and recently discovered love for pastel pink, ruffles and bows are my fashion kryptonite. I’ve written about ruffles a number of times on the blog, but not bows. Bows and ruffles ignite a very childlike excitement…I know right?! These trousers were love at first sight. To be honest, I know they are not for everyone, but girrrll, a girl’s gotta buy what makes her happy and these make me happy. I happen to like this trouser more that I do some people. Ooops, did I just say that?

A little ‘spring-like’ huh? Thou shall not be deceived, what you don’t see here is the winter coat and blanket scarf I was wrapped up in to keep the darn cold out! As much as I like winter fashion, there is a tiny bit of me already yearning for spring.

My Fashion KryptoniteWearing: Top – H&M, Trousers – ASOS, Boots, Zara, Blazer – Missguided, Belt – Gucci, Sunglasses – Celine

There’s A First Time For Everything


It’s not often that I get seen wearing my glasses. I get that second glance from people followed by the obvious question ‘do you wear glasses’?

Now that summer is clearly over and I have no real reason to wear my contacts so I can whip out my sunglasses anymore {still on reserve for blog shoots}, it’s about time I embraced my glasses.

So, how do I look in this newbie from Vision Direct?.

Wearing: Glasses c/o Vision Direct (The frame I’m wearing is called Debbie)

Oh, and I remember my first eye test, it was a long process, the only fun part was choosing and trying on frames…and opting for the pair my parents thought looked best on me, which I bet wasn’t my first choice.

Fast forward to now, I still like to try on frames, I know what suits me. This came in handy when choosing this pair on Vision Direct. Yes, I’m sitting here feeling very modern and pretty smug having shopped online for a pair of glasses.

The process is not complicated or long winded – I promise. If there is anyone who does not like complicated, that me, so trust me. So long as you have your prescription, it’s easy! Like I said, it did help that I had an idea what type of frames suit me, I still used the ‘virtual try on’ before purchasing these. Alternatively, I could have opted for the ‘try on at home’ which VisionDirect also offer. Before I knew it, my new glasses had arrived.

The whole process is really not different from shopping for clothes or anything online – know your size, find what style you like, buy! If you have mastered that, then…

On that note, guys, tell me what my response should be when people go “oh do you wear glasses”?

a. Yes, umm, I’m a super geek whose needed glasses since the age of 10  – ok, I’m not a geek at all, just for dramatics.

b. Yes, and I look damn sexy in these, don’t I?

c. _______ (fill in the blanks)



 *This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Vision Direct.