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Malta Fashion Week; Designer Highlight – Suzana Perić


I think my days in Malta came and went in a flash. Like they say, time flies when you are having fun.

Before I went to Malta, I had no pre-planned content for Malta fashion week. I knew I was going to share all with you and I knew I didn’t want the regular ‘I love the dresses, they were so pretty’. Yes, there is that, but surely there is more. I want you to almost live the experience with me and get to fall in love with the designers as well. My fashion week mission would be to make this possible with newer designers and some old school ones that I love too. You honestly get to connect differently with a brand when you can hear the message the designer is giving through their personality.

By all means, go catch up on all my designer highlights before you touch down with this final instalment.

By the time I met Suzana, I had already shaken off my ‘new kid on the block’ feeling. So, we were introduced exchanged greetings, a day before her show. We got talking on day one and I kept thinking what a lady she is and a very fashionable one too. She’s a modern woman who likes to dress nice. Guess that’s why she creates such gorgeous pieces for women to look and feel confident, feminine and chic. I kinda got the ‘west London’ vibe, quite boujee (fine dining and designer clothes) but very much down to earth also. Btw, this is all first impressions, I might be wrong. Suzana, if you do read this post, please forgive me. Suzana Perić - Fashion Designer

Suzana Peric – Fashion Designer

I checked out Suzana’s site the night before the show and just like I thought after meeting her, her collection is for ‘us’. Me, you, her, she and every girl who likes to feel feminine, flirty and basically a babe. The pieces are wearable. I can relate. I’m all about wearable fashion. Ok, a little pricey for every day, but if you are one for a Self Portrait price bar, Suzana Perić should also be on your radar. Suzana Perić - Fashion Designer

By the end of the night after her show, we got talking even more. Suzana is momma who also manages to run a successful fashion brand, shows her collection in Serbia Fashion Week (her home town) and Malta as well. Insert -girl boss-! Not only did we talk about non-fashion stuff, I found myself showing her pictures of my chosen wedding dress.

The collection is elegant. From the floaty silky pieces to romantic lace and embroidery details, here are some of the remarkable dreamy pieces from the collection. Suzana Perić - Fashion Designer

Suzana Perić - Fashion Designer

I absolutely adore her pieces. This ruffled lace dress would totally be perfect for my bridesmaids for my wedding later this year…

Suzana Perić Dress

Suzana Perić - Fashion Designer This concludes my designer highlight from Malta Fashion Week. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading all about them. The entire experience has left me with a strong desire to explore Fashion Week in other cities. Could this be my new calling? Hehehe!

Malta Fashion Week; Designer Highlight – Eymeric François


My memories from my first Malta Fashion Week is one I know will forever stay with me. Even if I ever stopped blogging. Not like I’m planning on stopping just yet, after 4 years and a bit, I think I’m only just getting started.

I had a similar buzz after my first Milan Fashion Week experience earlier this year in February. I’m not going to go into the comparison but all I’ll say is Fashion Week exists beyond NY (which I am yet to attend), London, Milan & Paree (not ticked this off yet either). I’ve been immersed into a different ‘fashion week’ world and it’s a beautiful one too.

Before you continue with this post, please catch up on the previous Malta fashion week posts so you get a can get me better.

Let’s rewind to my first day, the lone ranger (I swear everyone came as a couple but me) and the new kid on the block (a lot of people who I spoke to weren’t first timers like me). I was told there was a tourist mission to M’dina, quite naturally I said yes. Not knowing anyone else coming on board.

Banke & Eymeric François

So I jumped in the back of the Mercedez-Benz that came to pick us up. Unknowing to me at the time, I was sitting next to Eymeric François, a man with a bubbly personality; chatty, quirky, playful and larger than life. I soon found myself full of giggles by just watching him the entire journey to Medina which was about 30 mins (I think).

Eymeric François – Designer

Eymeric François is a French designer who has many years of experience under his belt. He’s haute couture man – shows in Paris Haute Couture week every July.

After I met him during the day, I went back to my hotel to do some more research and YES, he’s a f**ing big deal. I couldn’t get myself to ask him a lot of questions because I didn’t want to come across as a fashion geek or some serious fashion journalist doing a profile interview.

So, I just listened to his general conversations over the course of time I spent around him. I’ve always pondered how designers felt right before their show. Do they get nervous? Eymeric doesn’t. After many years of experience, I guess you get to shake off the nerves and replace it with a better feeling of excitement.

Eymeric wasn’t only passionate about his collection but also about the models he uses and the team of people he works with.

Eymeric François’s Poison collection was art meets attitude meets sass. The models were fierce as they walking down the runway to rock metal music. Eymeric’s cleverly merged haute couture with ready to wear. Just because he can. Go have a nosey at his collection and let me know what ya think. The black tulle dress which opened the collection is my firm favourite from this collection. I can totally see myself in this piece. I’ll probably make it more London-esque by pairing with a cropped denim jacket.

You can tell he’s not one to confirm or stick to rules – if my judgement isn’t right, I’m sure I’m not too far from. Eymeric François - Poison collection Malta Fashion Week; Designer Highlight - Eymeric François(ph.

Eymeric François will be showing his new collection in July during Paris Haute Couture week. I won’t be seeing the collection live, but I’m most certainly looking forward to catching up after. He’s genuinely a pleasant guy to hang around and more importantly extremely talented and most passionate about his craft. All of which I find very admirable.Designer Eymeric François & Bankè from A Style Diary

Malta Fashion Week; Designer Highlight – Ritienne Zammit


This is a follow up to my Malta Fashion Week 2017 – Photo Album where I talked about my first impressions and all. Go catch up now if you haven’t done so already. I’ll be highlighting 3 key designers that I fell in love with during Malta Fashion Week as I mentioned in the prequel. See, I don’t want to write about how pretty all the clothes were, but hopefully get you to almost feel the experience like I did, so pardon me if I go into deeeetails, I promise I won’t be a bore…

So let’s rewind to my actual first day (not the day I arrived in Malta in the most stunning hotel ever. I’ll leave this out for another post). I had arranged to have fittings with Ritienne Zammit, all via emails etc. This wasn’t possible during the day, so I had an hour before the shows kick off at 7:30 pm.

Ritienne Zammit – Designer

Myself and Maltese fashion designer Ritienne Zammit

Myself and fashion designer Ritienne Zammit. Wearing a 2 piece from her last collection.

I met Ritienne, and she was very down to earth. I warmed up to her personality before I even saw her collection. We walked over to where she had her last season’s collection displayed and she said to me to pick whatever I fancied. A collection inspired by ‘greed & betrayal’. So if you look closely at the detailed prints, it’s the betrayal of Jesus by Judas. I had to switch off from the religious me to the artistic me. Since this is all last collection, I didn’t quest further as we sat for a chat over a ‘cup’ of wine (or two). Instead, we talked like friends. If Ritienne was a Londoner, she would be a ‘Camden babe’. She actually said this herself. When I asked her about the new collection, all she said was ‘you will see’ with excitement all over her face. We didn’t only talk about fashion, by the third cup of wino, she spoke about life in Malta, and I spoke about life in London and quite naturally we became BFFs (in my head)! lol!

Ritienne closed the runway shows during Malta Fashion Week on Friday. Of course, I had a soft spot for her new collection ‘I love Valletta’. Don’t tell me off if I’m being biased. It’s a different vibe when you’ve gotten to meet someone and you see their collection. Again, it was a merge of art, religious rebel and history. In my opinion, Ritienne is one of the designers who express emotions through their art. Not necessarily playing towards commercialism. It was just pure and unapologetic. Here are some of my favourites. What say ye?

The styling in the new collection is quite striking. The lacey pieces are amongst my favourite, bringing in elements of romance to the historical print. My history isn’t great, but looking at the collection as an outsider, it seems Ritienne was telling a story, a love story about Valletta I would say. Great show Ritienne!

Malta Fashion Week 2017 – Photo Album


Malta Fashion Week 2017 – Photo Album. my first instalment of my Malta Fashion Week experience.

Raise your hand if you knew about Malta Fashion Week – before now. Well, I’ll be honest, I didn’t until earlier this year. Being a part of it for the first time this year is beyond exciting for me and I’m most grateful I can share some of this experience wth you guys on my blog.Mercedes-Benz-Malta-Fashion-Week

If you are following me on my other social platforms, you would have seen most of it first-hand, especially on Instagram stories. As you may know from my previous fashion week post, especially The Juice – Milan Fashion Week AW17, I try to keep ‘the juice’ concise but juicy enough. This time, it’s even juicier. At the end of all my Malta Fashion Week posts, I want you to feel the need to save the date for next year’s Malta Fashion Week in your diaries especially if you are a blogger or journo.

So, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta kicked off on 22 – 27th May, closing with an award show (which I sadly missed out on). I missed out on a couple of days and my official first day was on the 24th

Not knowing what to expect and travelling solo again like a lone ranger as I did Milan, I was hoping for the best. They always say as a blogger you should have your partner in crime that you can frolic around with, yes it helps. But, on the plus side, when left with no choice, you get the greatest opportunity to meet new people. I met some of the best! On the downside, as a blogger, you have no one to take fabulous pictures of you.

Are you bored yet? Please hold tight, let talk FASHUN.

First impressions?

So I had no idea what to expect, you know, outfits, people…nothing. You would think that I would, right? Especially after 5/6 seasons of London Fashion Week. For some reason, I went to Malta as a blank canvas. On first impressions, I’ll say people did not hold back. They got the memo, ‘fashion week‘ and everyone turned up looking super stylish. Lots of bold colours and accessories. If you know me well, you’ll know I have a soft spot for bold hues.

I’ll be highlighting 3 key designers that I fell in love with during Malta Fashion Week in my subsequent posts. But for now, I leave you with some raw, unedited, unfiltered pictures  (mostly taken on my iPhone).

Until the next post…..

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