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How To Stylishly Layer Necklaces


How to stylishly layer necklaces through different seasons…

Layering necklaces is one of the trends that has somehow become a core part of our everyday styling.

Gold and pearl layer jewellery
Pearl necklace ASOS, Initial Birthstone necklace oNecklace
Snake Chain Bracelet with Zirconia oNecklace
Earring Asos

My personal preference is gold. During this summer, I introduced pearls to my collection. My favourite combination ever!

So, is there a trick to nailing a perfectly layered set or can one simply freestyle? Here are my tips on how to stylishly layer necklaces.

  1. Select Different Chain Lengths: Layering is all about the different lengths. Choose chains with different weights and textures etc. I tend to go from choker, to short, then midi and finally long.
How To Layer Necklaces

2. How many is too many? I’m not one for rules, break the rules if you can. Fashion is an art, some will get it, some won’t. But, mind the gap between refined and tacky.

Personally, I stick to a maximum of 4. Every detail matter, I don’t like my chains getting lost in one another.

3. Combine styles & metals: As mentioned, pearls and gold are my current favourite jewellery combination, there is nothing with adding elements, colours, beads, different pendants in the mix. Make your stack interesting.

Tip: Choosing chains with different weights and textures helps reduce tangling.

Sponsored by oNecklace.

Initial Birthstone Chain
Birth Month: April
Rolo chain, lobster clasp
Gold plated.

Stylish Swimwear for Women With Fuller Busts


Stylish Swimwear for Women With Fuller Busts

Summer holidays! One of the first things that pop into my head is swimwear. Sea, sun, pool and sandy beach – these words bring me so much joy. I end up packing more swimwear than I need in my suitcase before anything else, after all, they don’t take up so much space and don’t weigh much either. So here is my recommendation on Stylish Swimwear for Women With Fuller Busts.

Figleaves have been my go-to for pretty much everything they offer- from swimwear to lingerie.

Along with a lot of other brands, Figleaves also do their own range of swimwear. As summer and summer holiday plans are underway, let’s talk swimwear sizes and some of my favourite styles offered by Figleaves for busty women like myself.

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Swimwear Sizing

As a woman with fuller busts, finding the right size of swimwear just like lingerie is important to me and for my self-confidence. Figleaves offer their own range of swimwear with sizes up to H cup. This means you don’t have to compromise on a style, comfort and fit when opting for swimwear. This is great news for busty women because the fashion industry in general hardly caters to us or women with non-conventional body shapes.

Now, let’s talk stylish swimwear for women with fuller busts…

Two Piece / Bikini

A style I’ve grown to love. I like a little drama, add some frills, plain or patterned top, paired with high waisted bottoms.

Stylish Swimwear for Women With Fuller Busts
Underwired Halter Bandeau Bikini
Wearing: FIGLEAVES Juno Luxe Underwired Halter Bandeau Bikini
Wearing: FIGLEAVES Juno Luxe Underwired Bandeau Shaping Swimsuit

Classic One Piece/Swimsuit

Everyone needs a classic one piece. They are versatile and can be worn as a bodysuit.

The classic one-piece/swimsuit was my go-to when I was a lot less confident about my body. They are still my go-to on days that I want to keep things simple or for pool or beach activities. I feel a lot more secure in a swimsuit.

Stylish Swimwear for Women With Fuller Busts
Black One piece swimsuit
Wearing: FIGLEAVES Icon Faro Underwired Mesh Shaping Swimsuit
Black swimsuit

The Bandeau

The Bandeau does something magical to the cleavage and clavicles. They look very flattering on the upper region and I am an advocate for this style. Either as a two piece or one piece, plain, patterned or very dramatic. With regular clothing and big busts, bandeaus may be tricky but as swimwear, they are great.

Stylish Swimwear for Women With Fuller Busts

This post post was sponsored by Figleaves

Does Anyone Still Read Fashion Blogs?


Hey guys, long time no blog post eh? Who reads fashion blogs anyway?

My site was recently hacked, I think that was a sign for me to get my backside back on here, otherwise, silly sites will try to take over.

Jokes apart, let’s really talk about my hiatus. Apart from me enjoying life and the beautiful summer we’ve been having in the UK, a lot of changes have happened. Not bad changes – perhaps, I should say growth.

Who reads fashion blogs?

Firstly, I’ve been thinking, who reads fashion blogs nowadays. I no longer enjoy reading fashion blogs – what people wore, how they wore it, what they love about it blah blah blah. I could blame this on Instagram, personal preference, taste in clothes, lifestyle… a whole lot of stuff. But deep down, I know I no longer enjoy reading a whole lot of 300 words or more on ‘how to wear a polka dot skirt’ or the most amazing leopard print someone just bought – so why would I want to churn out that kind of content on my blog?

Just provide me with the link, if I like I’ll buy, I don’t need many words to convince me about an item.

Please tell me I’m not on my own on this.

Pink Tulle Ruffle Skirt

Wearing: Shirt – H&M (old), Skirt – Twist x Turn, Belt – Asos (old), Shoes – Topshop (old), Bag – Valentino

How we consume and digest fashion content has evolved a lot since I started my blog and I’m all ok with that, I’ve subconsciously realized, I have also evolved and moved on.

Secondly, call it writer’s block, uninspired, or whatever, I no longer quite really writing. Oops, did I just say that? Most people start a blog because they enjoy writing. Maybe that’s just my assumption. BUT, when I write, regardless of what I’m writing about, I feel or experience something. For someone who doesn’t enjoy writing, it’s quite contradictory. Guess that’s where inspiration meets desire. I write when I’m inspired. I would rather wait and have something to write about, even if it happens once a month.

Thirdly and finally. Who even reads blogs especially fashion blogs? Back to my first question right? This is a constant question in the blogosphere. Do people still read blogs? The answer is YES. The percentage might have dropped significantly, but I strongly believe people still do.

Readership depends on a lot of things –  the type of content you produce, who you are writing for, to age group, demographics, and a whole lot of statistics.

As I mentioned earlier, I no longer enjoy core fashion blogs (not all, depends on a lot of things including my mood). I turned to catch up with one of the blogs I used to enjoy reading only to myself moving along fast, looking for something perhaps more engaging. Like a life update sorta post. The type of blogs I read now varies a lot, but I enjoy lifestyle posts, personal experiences with certain situations, posts that stimulate my thoughts. For example, I like Vix Meldrew’s content.  I would like to give more examples, but I currently don’t have any go-to blog.

It’s great to have varied content I suppose. No one is one dimensional. It’s about what you feel, what you enjoy and what your audience reacts to best.

I feel like it’s time to stir in a new direction. Now, the difficult part is this. FASHION is a core part of my blog. I mean, it’s called A Style Diary for goodness sakes, what is style without fashion. I’m yet to find a creative way to interpret this so that it’s still meaningful. I love the name of my blog and not ready for a change yet.

To conclude this post, I would love to know what kind of content or posts you guys are into. Do you feel fashion posts are still as relevant?

Pink Tulle Ruffle Skirt summer tulle skirt Reads Fashion Blogs pink tulle skirt midi pink tulle skirt

Looking Like A Model Is Actually A Doddle


When it comes to fashion and beauty, we live in an enlightened age. Women are starting to band together against unrealistic ideals in beauty magazines or other outdated mediums. The idea that models have unattainable levels of beauty is something you need to push out of your head. Looking like a model is actually a doddle; though, to clarify, this doesn’t mean we’re saying that you should look photoshopped. What we mean is that anybody and everybody should have the confidence to dress in fashionable clothes, doll themselves up, and simply feel good about the way they look in the mirror. You have that potential in you and here’s how to harness it.

Posture and confidence.

We’re grouping these two things together because they’re very closely related. Good posture will improve your appearance (and your health, without meaning to sound like a nagging mom). This might seem like an overly-simple piece of advice, however. You want to improve your appearance and something as simple as changing your posture isn’t going to make any difference, surely? Well, appearance is all a matter of perception. The way people perceive you is shifted by the way in which you hold yourself; it’s all about confidence and the way in which you portray emotion.

Above all else, the way in which you hold yourself will change your self-perception. It’s a positive cycle. The more confident you look, the more confident you’ll feel every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Good posture makes you look taller, thinner, and healthier. Even if you feel that these changes are only a matter of perception, the effect it’ll have on your confidence and mindset will improve your mental health. In turn, this will have some positive effects on your physical health too.

Face maintenance.

You need to focus on keeping your face healthy if you want to start feeling more confident about the nature of your skin and your general appearance. Makeup is fine but in moderation; if your skin has been struggling with blemishes lately then perhaps you should give yourself a little break from makeup. It’s important to let your skin breathe from time to time, and it’s even more important to keep yourself hydrated if you want to maintain naturally glowing and healthy skin. Moisturizers work well but drinking lots of water works even better.

And it’s not just about making your skin glow more healthily either; keeping yourself hydrated will also clear up blemishes such as acne. Of course, there are a lot of things that you can do to reduce blemishes. You have to think about the source of the problem, above all else. Perhaps stress is the thing which has been causing your current skin aggravation. Remember, your mental health has a huge effect on your physical health. Find ways to work on de-stressing your mind, such as meditation and breathing techniques. At the end of the day, if you want your skin to look better then just look after it. That’s all there is to it; take care of yourself.

Fashion expertise.

There isn’t really as much to being a fashion expert as you might imagine. Forget catwalks and the professionals who talk about which trends are and aren’t in this season. If you want to be fashionable then you have to forget about trends; otherwise, you’ll be updating your wardrobe every month. Being fashionable is about choosing clothes and accessories which accentuate your appearance but it’s about doing so in a timeless fashion. Certain styles don’t go out of fashion because they focus on simply looking good (in as objective a way as possible) rather than being “new” and “in right now”.

The goal is to buy clothes which fit. Whatever shape or size you are, don’t worry. Everybody has a different body, and there is no “ideal” figure. So you need to stop worrying about making yourself fit into clothes and start focusing on finding clothes that fit you. Loose fashion is rarely ever the way to go. Sure, you can buy that oversized jacket, as discussed further over here, but only if the rest of your outfit is hugging your body or, at least, accentuating your figure. A loose jacket won’t work if you’re wearing a loose blouse and loose jeans too. Get it? This doesn’t mean that you need to be squeezing into super-skinny clothes and struggling to breathe properly, but good fashion is about choosing an outfit which looks tailor-made to your body. Beyond that, just choose colors which work well together and try to stay away from horrendous patterns or anything your mother might wear (sorry, mom).

Beauty sleep.

Who would’ve thought that something as simple as getting a little more shut-eye could improve your appearance? Well, quite a lot of people, actually. Getting “beauty sleep” is about more than making skin-deep improvements. Sleep is integral to your health on the whole and the changes to your appearance are merely a happy consequence of that. You need to be getting a solid 8 hours of sleep every night but you also need to be sleeping in a way which is supportive of your body. Make sure you have a good mattress because a weak one will lead you to have aches, pains, and a bad quality of sleep; even if you are getting 8 hours of rest. The point is that beauty sleep is a real thing. Look after your health and your appearance will become healthier too. It’s that simple.

Bodily health.

Whilst you should definitely try to avoid being an unhealthy weight, this extends to people who are underweight as well as overweight. Keeping your body in check is about finding a happy balance somewhere in-between. Models come in all shapes and sizes which means the world is finally starting to realize that there is no “perfect” type of person. Looking beautiful is simply about looking after your health on a level beyond the surface. That’s why your main goal should simply be to keep your body active every day. That might mean using the stairs instead of the elevator and finding a way to squeeze 10,000 steps into your daily routine. Set yourself goals and turn exercise into something enjoyable for you.


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