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I’ve had many people ask why I haven’t taken the leap of faith, packed up the 9 to 5 and go 24 hours on blogging. Yes, 24 hours because that’s the reality of being a full-time blogger, there aren’t really any days off. Blogging full time is the ultimate goal for most bloggers nowadays, as fancy as it looks and sounds, why haven’t I gone blogging full time then?

Firstly, why should this be in question, since when did blogging full-time become a measure of how successful you are as a blogger/individual, why should this be every blogger’s goal? Not blogging for a living doesn’t make you less of a legit blogger, e.g. because you are studying part-time doesn’t mean you aren’t a student or better still, as hard-working as a full-time student. 

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I’m not a full-time blogger so I can’t give tips on how to become one, but being content with blogging and working full-time is crucial, and not falling under the pressure of doing something you aren’t ready for. Making a career change should be a personal choice, do it at your own time. So, while at it…

  1. I actually like my job. I work in finance and I may be one of many people to say I actually like my job. Maybe it’s the company, maybe it’s my team, maybe it’s a combination of all of it…but I don’t have any reasons to leave a secure job and a good career at the moment.
  2. Mindset and readiness. I did play with the idea of blogging full time a during my career transition a couple of years ago, but I felt uneasy with myself. The reality of being a ‘new’ full-time blogger may involve working all day in pj’s and casual gams, from sofa to bed with no one to actually talk to. I’m not very keen on adjusting to that lifestyle right now. 
  3. Uncertain future of blogging. The truth is, the game is a new territory but it’s evolving very rapidly, especially in the past couple of years. Who knows what’s next, undeniably, do people read traditional blogs as much anymore or have other social platforms taken over?
  4. I take blogging seriously, but wait…seriously? While I’m not one to spend hours trying to take a perfect picture or stage a set to have the perfect picture, I put in maximum effort to make sure my visuals and content are as strong as possible.
  5. Blogging for a living is simply not my current lifetime goals, I know this sounds absurd to many other bloggers. I don’t know if this will change one day, but for now, it makes me happy doing what I’m doing which is the most important thing for me.

In saying this, maintaining high blogging standards is still key. I’ve managed to find a small voice and an audience in the big digital world while working full time and blogging on the side/the rest of the time.layered necklace_details tshirt and striped trousers Striped Trousers_Banana Republic relaxed striped pants blogging and working full-time street style_relaxed multi striped trousers Relaxed Striped Trousers white t-shirt and striped trousers

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7 Responses
  • Mycitymylondon
    May 30, 2016

    I agree, full time vlogging isn’t a measure of
    how successful of a blogger you are. Some very successful ones are part-time. It’s great you are juggling both, hats off to you.

    It is a huge step to take and a risk I agree to go full time. And with the social media world moving so fast, who knows what the world of bloggers will be like I a few years time.

    But you are doing a great job with blogging though hopefully see you soon

    • Bankè
      May 30, 2016

      Thanks for your comment Sarah. xx

  • Vale
    May 31, 2016

    I could have written this post myself as I am in your same situation and I think just like you. Moreover being a full time blogger doesn’t necessarily mean being a better blogger…I saw some bloggers accepting anything just to earn some cash. A good blogger will set standards and produce quality content, no matter if she is a full time one or not, this is what I think. Thanks for sharing such an interesting post !

    Fashion and Cookies – fashion and beauty blog

  • Marah Renee
    June 1, 2016

    I actually really like this post! I don’t think the goal/purpose of blogging is to do it full time but to meet new people, try new things, travel to new places, and have fun. You shouldn’t have to pick your job or blogging, doing both in my option gives you a bit of “coolness”. That means your readers know what you say is your real opinion, not empty words on items or pieces you were gifted since blogging is now your “job”.

    • Bankè
      June 1, 2016

      Thanks for your comment lovely.

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