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My beauty life gets a little neglected when things get chaotic, this was the case shortly before London Fashion Week. I usually complain of not having enough time to do anything – I really don’t. Actually, maybe I should do a daily or weekly breakdown on the blog…hmmm, I’ll have a good think about that actually.

Ok, back to beauty…it warms my heart to share with you products that have made my beauty routines a lot simpler and quicker. First is the the Braun Silk-épil 5 which can be used wet or dry. What this means is that, you can actually achieve smooth pins without having to spend lots of minutes preparing your legs for the whole shebang. As much as I do like a well deserved pampering and grooming session, sometimes, a quick job would do just fine too – I’m sure many women would agree with me, it’s good to have both options available when time is of the essence.
At this point, it’s safe to say every woman needs a 2 in 1 hair styler. Up until now, I’ve had a hair curler and a hair straightener that I sometimes use simultaneously – on days that I make a bit of effort with my messy curls. A couple of days before London fashion week, I found some time to touch up on the colour of my hair using Maria Nila Colour Pop in pink, and I maintained my messy curls with the Braun Satin-Hair 7 styler (p.s it cools down and turns itself off after a while, brilliant!!). You can see the result below. These are the second and third products I’m totally thankful for.

The Maria Nila semi-permanent hair colour is so easy to use, along with the hair mask. Basically, you apply directly to pre-coloured hair, leave in for a few minutes and voilà! wash off and you’re done.

This is a period widely recognised as the time of habit change and new trends, why not challenge yourself to a new hair / beauty habit or trend? I’m so excited about not having to bother about my pins for a few weeks.

 c/o Braun Silk.Epil 5, Braun Satin-Hair 7, Maria Nila Colour Refresh


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  • retrochicmama
    September 30, 2015

    My legs don’t really get that hairy & so I can go months without shaving them. However what I’m recently discovering in my late forties is the random hair growing from my chin & upper lip eeek! Can the Silk Epil help me out with that? The thing is I don’t usually spot the hair until it’s long enough to almost plait *sigh* because I’m also short sighted now. Clearly they’re visible to others but no bugger ever tells me they see them!

    • Bankè
      September 30, 2015

      No hair on legs, wow! Lucky you. The Epil has a shaver head and trimmer that can can turn it into an electric shaver. You might be pleased with the result :)) xx

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