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A few products I’ve been using lately.Feel-Good-Contact-lens

Acuvue Define Contact Lenses. Natural Shimmer c/o – Feel Good Contacts

When the sun is shining and all you want to do is to sport the baddest sunglasses ever, but you can’t see so clearly through them, the only way forward is contact lenses right? I generally wear the clear daily prescribed lenses but decided to give the Acuvue Define Natural Shimmer a go, they make your eyes appear larger, deeper and more alluring. Many years ago, I used to wear coloured lenses, but I found them uncomfortable. I find daily lenses generally more comfy and softer, the pigment isn’t that obvious with the Natural Shimmer lenses.

The Natural Shimmer shade adds golden-brown flecks to the iris, enhancing the depth and sparkle of your natural colour. The dark outer ring gives irresistible definition, and Acuvue technology ensures your vision is flawless.
Because the colour sits around the outer edge of the eye, you won’t experience any interference with your sight. Plus, BEAUTY-WRAPPED-IN-COMFORT™ Technology encloses the pigment between layers in the lens, giving your eyes complete comfort.Feel Good Contacts


Hairfinity-Hair.Hairfinity Hair Vitamins c/o – Hairfinity

Hairfinity took off in America and they launched their new UK website in July. I heard about Hairfinity on Instagram (obvs) long before they launched in the UK and it was all positive reviews, regular people showing their then and now pictures. Note when I say regular people, it appealed to me because it did not seem like some sort of endorsement. 

…anyway, many of you may or may not know I wear extensions, but underneath my weave/wig, I still have my natural hair. I went for a big chop in January because I wanted a fresh start, I cut off the chemically treated hair and started on an au natuel journey. It’s not at a stage where I can wear it very proudly yet, I’ve been using the Hairfinity Supplements for a months and a bit and I can genuinely tell you I think it works. I mean, quite naturally, my hair would grow whether I use them or not right? I actually did gave it some time, I wanted it to work like magic, but nothing works like magic. But I’ll tell you what, I’ve been on the natural journey since January, my hair has been growing at a snail pace, but about 2 weeks ago I noticed a change. After the first moth’s supply, I ordered another month’s supply, I genuinely think it’s working… Maybe very soon you all will be seeing my afro 🙂


Kiehls-Daily-Reviving-ConcentrateReviving Concentrate – Kiehl’s

I think this is the fix I’ve been looking for for my face. I’ve been using the Daily Reviving and Midnight Recovery concentrates for about 3 weeks and my face has not felt as alive as it does now in a long time. I’m new to Kiehl’s, I haven’t actually heard so much about them and I’m thinking ‘where have they been all of my life?’

I don’t think pictures do justice on beauty products, a vlog would be preferable. I tend not to share as much as I would on beauty for this reason, but when I’m excited about products, I DO share out of conviction.signature

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  • Boki
    August 13, 2015

    Hey Banke, I have had the Midnight recovery concentrate but I didn’t use it regularly enough to see results. Do you think it’s worth using every night? And what do you think about the day serum? Pls let me know! I am a huge kiehl’s fan.

    • Bankè
      August 13, 2015

      Just like most products, I think you might need to give it some time. The effect may also vary with your general facial routine. But with the night serum, I know what you mean, your face is quite rested overnight and tends to look ok in the morning anyway. I use the day one more.

      With the day serum, I actually started seeing the difference pretty quickly. My personal issue is that my face goes from very dry to very oily but I still lacked moisture, I’ve noticed more balance thru out the day since I started using it. I use it EVERYDAY and I noticed the difference on day 2.

      • Boki
        August 13, 2015

        I have combination skin with dry flaky patches especially in the winter. Would the day serum be too oily to use? and could makeup be used over it? Thanks for your reply!

        • Bankè
          August 13, 2015

          Noooo! You will think so right? But it’s not. It soaks up almost immediately after. It’s really good, feels like it almost sets your face and the make up goes on and doesn’t clot or clay. I get flaky around areas where I have squeezed a spot and it’s healing up, I got rid of that with drinking lots of water, but that’s another topic entirely 🙂

          Thanks for the comment lovely, do let me know how you get on, if you do give it a go. Xx

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