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How to transition your bedroom from summer to winter & Luxury Bedroom with Juliette’s Interiors


When you think luxury dream bedroom what pops to mind? Well, as part of Juliette's Interiors Luxury Bedroom Challenge I'm sharing mine with you guys as well as how I transition my bedroom from summer to winter. As the temperature drops, everyone is talking about dressing up for the colder months - the fashion trends etc. With me, I spend more time at home during winter. Time really does fly, this is my second winter in my new home. The first was all about adjusting to the life of a homeowner, so this season, I'm taking a step closer towards my 'ideal' winter home. I have already shown you to my living room, but not yet my bedroom. Only that this time, it's not my actual bedroom, it's my luxury 'dream' bedroom. If like me you spend a lot of time trawling on Pinterest for home inspiration and bedroom goals, this one is ...

Looking Like A Model Is Actually A Doddle


When it comes to fashion and beauty, we live in an enlightened age. Women are starting to band together against unrealistic ideals in beauty magazines or other outdated mediums. The idea that models have unattainable levels of beauty is something you need to push out of your head. Looking like a model is actually a doddle; though, to clarify, this doesn’t mean we’re saying that you should look photoshopped. What we mean is that anybody and everybody should have the confidence to dress in fashionable clothes, doll themselves up, and simply feel good about the way they look in the mirror. You have that potential in you and here’s how to harness it. Posture and confidence. We’re grouping these two things together because they’re very closely related. Good posture will improve your appearance (and your health, without meaning to sound like a nagging mom). This might seem like an overly-simple piece of ...

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Fashionable Tips For Feeling Lighter & Happier On A Daily Basis


What makes you happy? Is it what you do, and who you meet, or how you feel when you experience those things? Happiness is not always attributable to one cause, but it can certainly be improved and helped by enhancing various aspects of your life. Many times, people look towards social issues, or confidence issues, and consider them final. They’re not. Like anything in life, they are dynamic and available to change. In order to stay happy in yourself, changing things up continually is usually required to make sure you’re not living in a stagnant way. If you’re looking for that confidence boost, instead of merely trying to search for depressive symptoms online, why not try a practical solution, such as checking your confidence and using your wardrobe as a catalyst to improve that? What follows is an exploration of the fashionable goods you can use to help yourself feel lighter and ...

3 Lingerie Shopping Tips For Women With Busts Bigger Than DD’s – Let’s Get Intimate


Did I tell you guys what I got up to during London Fashion week this season? Oops, if you aren't following me on Instagram then you may (or may not) have missed out on that ship. But, I'll share one of my highlights from this season with you guys. Before I do, I want to let you guys understand that every fashion week I attend, I try to make my post as personal as possible. Especially on the blog. I share all the instant runway bits on my social media and recap on my personal experience like I did for Milan Fashion Week and Malta Fashion Week here on the blog. Figleaves x Edeline Lee | London fashion Week SS18 So, for London Fashion Week SS18, Figleaves invited me to join them at designer Edeline Lee's presentation. I was excited, especially at the idea of hanging out backstage and getting to meet ...