Arm Candy. Cuff Love

I think my passion for fashion and my lust for everything fashionable is being magnified by my blog. But it’s good to know there are lots of other people who can relate to it, so I guess I’m in a good place.

I like very many things, and one of them is statement jewellery. Summer came and brought #armparty along with it, but that is over now (please tell me you agree), it’s time to go back to classics. Truthfully, there is something classy and stylish about wearing a statement piece, I call it the ‘art of working the minimal to get a maximum effect’.

Anyway, pictures speak louder than words (sometimes), just the same way a simple cuff can make any one go from ordinary to chic. The statement piece effect which is what I can say about the Biarro Cuffs on


These are just a few of many pieces I’m swooning over. What shall one do? In my opinion, you don’t need to be a die hard fashionista to appreciate these pieces, they are ALL gorgeous.

… #dearsanta



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