Revisiting Older Wardrobe Favourites


Does anyone else go through that phase when nothing fits and nothing seems right with their clothes? Well, I've been going through that lately, actually, for a while now. Even though I look so put together every day, when I'm off duty, I just want to put all my clothes away and never see them ...

Wardrobe Updates to Make for Autumn 2016


With autumn right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your wardrobe ready for the new season. And while some trends are set to stick around well after summer’s last sunny day (we’re looking at you, off-the-shoulder necklines), there are others that will need to be tweaked — or, in some cases, ...

My Sukhi Rug


I recently got a new home accessory added to my living room, thanks to SukhiRugs. It's a small woollen yarn rug which adds some character and cosiness to the room. What better time for this, especially as we embrace the colder months? Decorating, in general, has been a bit slow, mainly because I'm being selective as ...